Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Karma - Finally!

It doesn't take much to really set me off. I've been told I'm too sensitive or that I let things bother me too much. This is generally a bad thing - however, on the plus side, I am easily pleased.

Something that really bothered me, that really shouldn't have, occurred over the last week or so. I had put some items on ebay for auction. I had sold several and received payment for 3 out of 4. I shipped the items within two days and then went on vacation. In my auctions, I point out that the winner of the auction has 3 days to contact me and 7 days to pay.

I left a message for the buyer I hadn't heard from and figured I'd check paypal when I got back from LA. (I only accept paypal). I never heard from her. Then I checked her feedback (a little late!) and she had four other negatives for being a non-paying bidder. (out of like 9 feedbacks all together). So I reported her to ebay (by then it had been 10 days with no response).

Well! If you want to get someone to respond, contact ebay! She sent me a bitchy response about how I didn't need to report her and she was going to pay and blah blah. I emailed with her for about a day and a half and she just kept pissing me off by being such a bitch about it. So I closed the dispute and left a message with ebay that we weren't finishing the transaction and that I didn't want to correspond with her anymore.

They put a non-paying bidder strike on her account. Then she was really mad and contacted me through "ask seller a question." She left me a negative feedback (my first!) about how she paid and never received her item. Then she somehow got the strike removed from her account (ebay sent me an email letting me know that it was removed!). She said it was because she showed them proof that she paid. Back and forth for two days of "I paid" and "uh, no you didn't."

She never sent me anything showing she paid. So I just wrote her off and left her a negative feedback. I was mad at ebay for dropping the ball and at her for knowing how to work the system.

Then on Monday, I got another email. And it was nicer. She asked when I was sending the item. I replied that I hadn't received her payment yet (still!). She assured me that she sent it and that it came out of her account already. I helpfully (hee!) told her that I would double check my account - when the money was still not there (shock!) I told her that I never received it and that she might want to contact paypal to make sure she sent the payment to the correct email or to get a refund if the transaction didn't finish.

She said she would contact paypal and that she would make a new payment on Wednesday. ::sigh:: I said to myself, "yeah, sure" and said to her, "okay. thanks!"

Today(!) I got two more emails. The first was from ebay, telling me that they had suspended her account indefinitely and that the feedback had been deleted (Woot!) The other was an email from her asking for my address to send a Money Order because she still wants the item, and that darn ebay has suspended her account. Uh, sure lady....I'm not giving you my address!

So finally, ebay got it right. I'm glad I let it go and looked at the frustration as something that really didn't matter (I think her calling me a liar and knowing that I wasn't the liar was the part that was killing me) I'm especially glad that it worked out though and the bitch got what she deserved. So, I guess I'm getting better at letting go - but not so good with the revenge being sweet part. If only I could turn around and give her my patented GRIN and WAVE, then I'd feel even better.


alyndabear said...

Some people just SHOULDN'T use Ebay. I use the Aussie one all the time.. and after two weeks of my items finishing up, I still have one woman who hasn't paid.. for a freakin' 99c auction she won. Geez. And five others that still haven't left any feedback at all!

I hate the option of negative feedback. It's good if it's REALLY what happened, but it sucks when people abuse it.

reevesfarm said...

Wow! What a saga, and what a wench she was. Glad you got it handled, I would have lost my mind.

Julie said...

What item is it???

It sounds intriguing since she wouldn't leave you alone about it!!


L Sass said...

I'm with Julie--what did she just HAVE to have??

Several years ago, I purchased something on eBay and the seller never sent it to me. I started the dispute with eBay and they provided me with the seller's address. Turns out, she lived in the same apartment complex as I did. No lie. So, I rang her doorbell. She had no choice but to hand over the item. (I don't think she was scamming me, I just think she got irresponsible about getting to the post office.)

Nicole P. said...

You are a saint for putting up with it for that long. This chick sounds shady at best!!

Aimee said...

What I was selling was a set of 6 - 4 oz Princess House Heritage juice glasses. She wasn't that concerned about having them when I asked her to pay the first time! haha.

She actually had the nerve to say that she hopes God Blesses me regarding my anger issues over such a small sum of money! BAH! I was like, if it's so small - pay it! :D

Carrie said...

That is exactly why I stopped selling. People just piss me off and I can't tolerate it anymore. Don't let her taunt you though. I'm glad you just moved on.

Cece said...

You totally should have looked up the address to a loony bin in your area & gave that address to her. That way when she showed up to stalk you she was already there! LMAO

Lara said...

yeah, i've had my share of bad ebay experiences too. i'm glad yours worked out so well in the end. :)

Lindsey said...

Good for you!!!! I'm sooo glad you didn't give her your address. I was in suspense for a second there. What a bitch. I'm glad e-bay got it right in the end (whoa, freudian, i just typed "bed" instead of "end.")

shopper said...

Boo to her. I can't stand ebaying liars!! Why can't everybody be normal like us? It's easy! :)

Sugee Andersyn said...

Well you did better than I did! I gave up selling on ebay for exact reasons as these. Newbies effin' it up for the good ones. :/ What do you sell? :)