Sunday, July 8, 2007

A Wedding, a Dog Park, and Bodily Fluids

I'm sure you can tell by the title of this one that I had what might be called an interesting weekend. Saturday was the wedding. Now, would your votes for what to wear to the wedding have changed had you known about the unusual theme? "What kind of theme could be that unusual, Aimee?" you might ask. If I had told you that it was a Mountain Dew theme, would you have voted differently? And yes, I'm serious.

The wedding part of it was actually really nice. The bride laughed, the groom cried...and well frankly, anytime you vow to have a place in your home set aside just for flowers that you will bring home to each other, well, it's a-okay with me.

We didn't stay long (long enough to eat, but not long enough for cake). And I decided on dress 1 and shoes 2. And I felt pretty. So Thanks!
Please excuse the copious amounts of sunlight that are making me squinty, and the angle at which Mark chose to shoot this particular photo.

Today, I went shopping with my friend J. She and I went to the mall (hi! we're 13!) and shopped and ate lunch. We ended up getting some great deals. I got two shirts from Ann Taylor Loft for $17 TOTAL. I also got a top and a necklace for $30 at New York and Co. and some candle stuff, including a cupcake shaped candle holder with candle at Illuminations. I got the cupcake candle holder with candle, two sets of 3 egg cups (polka dots!) and two sets of 6 tealights for $5.32! YEAH!!

THEN, we decided to take the dogs to the dog park. We went home and got our respective pooches and I met her at the park. The park has a gated dog park and then another gate that goes off to a lake area so the dogs can swim (Chance is laughing at that!) There was an obnoxious german shepard and a very sweet rottweiler and another cute little dog that LOVES to be chased.

All was well. Socks got to swim. Chance waded and then freaked out when the water got deeper. They even shared a drink at the watering hole.

We were just commenting on how they get along when it's not Socks visiting Chance on his territory. Then J reached down to pet Chance and Socks got jealous and got in between them. From there, they both got fussy and growly and teeth-showy and then jumpy and slappy. And there was blood. And girls yelling CHANCE! SOCKS! NO! BAD! And the blood got on my foot. And then we tried to find out who was bleeding and why? No one was crying. Or appeared to be in pain. Poor Socks had a scratch on his nose (we think) and it was bleeding quite a bit. But J put some cold water on it and it looked okay. After that, we decided this might be better.

So, in 5 visits to the dog park we have had, 1 peeing incident, one chihuahua mauling, forty frillion bags of poop, and now, blood. Maybe I should rethink this whole thing.


alyndabear said...

Fussy wee puppies.. at least noone got hurt though! :o

Yay for the shopping bargains.. that sounds like good hunting right there.

(And you looked beautiful in your dress!) I still liked the #1 shoes, where did you get them? Must find some.

Marianne said...

Gah... I wonder if they have dog park insurance. Yipes.

You look very pretty in that picture, Aimee. :)

Julie said...

Okay, so had I not been off on Friday I would have picked what you picked.

You look marvelous dahlink.


Mark said...

Rob and Becky don't like Champagne (sp?)and Rob lives on Mountain Dew. So they were doing the toast with mt. dew.

silly people.

Carrie said...

You look lovely. I always want to wear dresses but my waist is so long and my belly is flubby. It makes me look pregnant.

Stop telling the dog park stories. You make me want to cry. lol

2 shirts at Ann Taylor for $17? Wow.

L Sass said...

YES!!! I loved shoes #2! I feel that although I did not comment in time to vote, the love I feel for shoes #2 IN MY SOUL was transferred to you on a psychic plane.

Lindsey said...

I love the outfit you chose...I did pick that one for you, but I don't think I ever gave you advice on shoes, but clearly you did not need my advice because you looked HOT! (there I go, hitting on you again)

Dogs parks are so just never know what you are going to get.

Anonymous said...

I lurve Illuminations, though I've never been to one of their stores. Pman bought me some supa-sweet candles from there once and...they. don't. make. them. any. more! Waaaahhhh!

I don't think I could ever take Da Dog to a dog park, which, incidentally we don't have any of around here anyway, so I guess it all works out. lol

Oh, and you looked great. WTF is up with that camera angle though? It's so artsy fartsy. LOL!

Humor Girl said...

I love that you used us to pick your outfit!! :) You looked smokin!

Freckle Face Girl said...

I love the dress! You looked fabulous!

B. Good said...

I'm 10 yrs late, but OMG I went to the mall with my friend too! Actually I went twice, in 2 days, with 2 separate friends. Needless to say, I spent a RIDICULOUS amount of money (curseth NY&Co and Macys), and I felt VERY 13 (but with more money to spend), lol.

Awww, I love hearing about the pets! Except when there's poop, maulings, and blood. Hmmmmm, well then, lol.

You look GORGEOUS in your dress and shoes!!!