Sunday, July 22, 2007


Yes, I'm still alive. I've been quiet here lately...because I've been busy - but not with anything particularly blog-worthy.

On Thursday, my coworker and boss took me out to lunch to say goodbye. They gave me a Target gift card - which I promptly spent on a cute pair of shoes and an ADORABLE dress. I also got another shirt and a really cute pair of capris. I think total I spent like $70 for all that!

On Saturday, Mark and I helped his stepdad get his grandparents house cleaned out (read: a trip to the dump). We went grocery shopping and bought trucks parts (thrilling). It was kind of funny though, we were talking to the clerk at the counter and all of a sudden he leans over to the other worker next to him and then he runs off. And we're like, Uh, okay. And the new guy laughs and says"I guess he's having some troubles. What can I help you with?" and we're like, "uh" and he says, "he had to drop the kids off at the pool. God, that's embarrassing." LOL Okay.

Today I'm running around like a crazy person trying to get ready for the new job tomorrow. I want to bring some of my stuff with me, but I wanted to downsize and have just the one small box to carry. Plus getting my car cleaned, clothes ironed, lunch made, etc. etc. AH!

How was your weekend?

Oh and remember, I won't be able to comment/read your blogs until after work (sad!) So you may be seeing a little less of me for a bit.


alyndabear said...

Wahhhhhh less Aimee? Sad. :(

Yay for new clothes though, and weird crazies. Hope you're enjoying the last few hours of the weekend.

Julie said...

Good luck today.
And ew, I cannot believe the other guy would tell you that.

Kind of funny though.

L Sass said...

You had a productive weekend!

Poop should not be discussed in customer service.

I hope you'll get into the swing of things and be blogging away soon!!

Carrie said...

Sounds like we are in the same boat.

Cece said...

I think you need to devote 2 nights a week to blogging. Read/Comment/Write. Its the least you can do for us! lol

Good luck with the new job!!

MsLittlePea said...

I wanted to say good luck but since it's already Tuesday...well good luck anyway.

Lindsey said...

I see "dump" is a common theme here.
That is sooo embarrasing. I would have died. It sounds like you've been busy. I hope the new job is going well. I've been having a hell of a time keeping up with everyone's blogs. It seems so much easier in the winter when all I want to do is stay indoors. It's hard to keep up with everyone during the summertime.