Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Must Be Special (ed)

I've been very lucky lately. In two trips to a baseball game....I have ended up in both the bar upstairs (reserved for those who have club tickets or suite tickets) and we ended up right at the edge of the field behind the big net behind the batter's box. I can't explain well, obviously, but it was neato! I almost got hit with a foul ball too. So, there ya go.

And, this morning, I was surprised by a note and a $20 bill. Mark had slipped them both in my purse, telling me to have a nice lunch.

This came on the tail of my stressful work day and premature sandwich.

I made it one month and five days before announcing to the office that I was, in fact, quitting. I was kidding of course...but yeah, it was a long day yesterday. (how long was it?!) It was so long that I forgot it was Tuesday. I thought it was Monday. Like Monday had been a very looooong day that had really spanned two. Sad, isn't it?

So I had brought my lunch and because of this, there wasn't a need to have much moolah. Which was okay until I decided that a frozen smart ones was not going to cut it on a day like that! So I decided to go to Subway. I considered buying the sub of the day - but wasn't interested in the sandwich that they do on I went for another cheap alternative. I bought the mini sandwich. Do you know just how mini these minis are? They used to be like 4" round sandwiches. Now, they are 1/2 of a 1/2 which is like 3x2" nice.

I watched the guy make it up in all it's one slice of meat one slice of cheese glory. I decided that a cookie would make it all better and then I left. I got back to the office and then realized that it was TUESDAY and TUESDAY is Italian BMT special day (read: 10 cents more for a 6" sandwich that just happens to be my favorite). DAMMIT ALL TO HELL!

I did eat my little sandwich (and the cookie) But what I really wanted to do was to wrap the little guy in a blanket, nurture it, and hope that it grew up healthy enough to become a REAL SANDWICH.


L Sass said...

My friend, you seem a wee bit punchy in this post. I think they're working you too hard!

Mark's lunch note was way too cute. What a keeper.

Marianne said...

Yeah... I was eating when I read that last paragraph. I choked. There was no one to perform the Heimlich. (You're a doll!)

And now? I really want a cookie.

B. Good said...

THAT was really funny. Not sure why, but I'm easily amused, lol.