Monday, October 15, 2007


After an afternoon of shopping, I called Mark to see if he wanted to go out to dinner. he did. (duh) so I came home and picked him up. Unfortunately, there were many stupid drivers on the road. You know, the ones that go super slow or that switch lanes at the last minute or that slow to a stop before FINALLY TURNING ALREADY(!)

There was some road rage. And honking. But, I had an explanation.

"We are not in a big tourist metropolis. Anyone who is here lives here and should know where the f* they are going!"

I still think this logic pretty much rocks.

So we eat dinner and then we head to Nordstrom Rack. As we approach the store, Mark says, "at least you can't honk here!"

and so we shop (you see what is coming right?)

and we get in line. It's one line that waits for like 47 registers. and there is a woman and her cart in front of us. only, she keeps leaving the cart to keep shopping. And I stand patiently behind her.

And another woman approaches. And looks around like she doesn't know where the end of the line is (the woman with the cart hasn't pulled all the way forward at this point) and so the cart lady realizes that we're kind of waiting on her and she says, "oh! I'm not in line" (great! I'm glad I stood behind you for the last three minutes. woohoo!)

and so the new lady that approached butts in front of us. And I say something to the effect of, "uh, I don't think so lady" and I step in front of her. She says something like she didn't know we were in line and that she thought we had just walked up and I might have given her a look (okay, I definitely gave her a look) but I also might have said, "no, we were standing behind the cart lady"

And she says, "oh I thought you just walked up" (again) and I ignore her. And so she pauses, and then says, "did you hear me ma'am? I didn't know you were in line" And I'm thinking OMG are you f*ing kidding me? We're going to debate this? Or do I have to accept your apology and make things right in the world? So I just ignore her (and ma'am?! I am not a ma'am. I believe we've all debated the ma'am/miss thing).

So she starts talking to Mark, who is wearing a t-shirt from a surf shop. (i bought it last time we were in So Cal) and she says to him, "oh! do you surf?" and I can feel Mark thinking, "oh sh*t now she's talking to me" Only he played along - and was actually nice. (let's remember that Mark threatened to drown the bratty kid that bugged us at the lake, shall we?)

And I'm laughing at him. Because he has a new BFF.

When we get out of the store he says to me: "you know, that was a lot like honking!"



Nicole P. said...

I would have loved to have been there to witness this. Although I don't think my blood pressure could handle it. I'd either have been a total bitch to both ladies or else I would have abandoned what I was going to purchase and left the store in a huff, muttering about stupid people.

Julie said...

I think you need a "People are Idiots" weekly special.

Although, that might wind up turning into a whole nother monster.

Seriously though PEOPLE ARE SHUT IDIOTS!

*~*Cece*~* said...

If I don't know you, don't talk to me. Seriously. Ugh.

L Sass said...

I woulda smacked her. I admire your self control.

I also feel very happy that you are from California and you say "in line" and not "on line." The phrase "on line" is the worst part of New York City!

Marianne said...

I can't stand line-cutters. Why are you so much more important than everyone else.

But really, that's the crux of road rage too. GAH!