Friday, November 16, 2007

Breaking My Heart (again!)

Over the weekend I spent quite a bit of time with a cute baby (he'll be a year old in a week). And on at least one occassion (each!) Mark and I have said, "I want one!" But I really think we need to do some careful consideration before deciding that for sure. I'm not sure I can handle the guilt and heartbreak and general emotion that moms feel.

I can barely handle the pets.

Last night, around midnight, I was standing in our bedroom. Crying. Jack either saw or smelled someone/something outside and started mrowing and clawing the screen. (I really need to trim his nails because his nail got caught in the screen briefly and I had to free him). So then we closed the window and tried to distract him. And he ended up at the window scratching at the window over and over and over again with both tiny paws. It was heartbreaking.

I don't want him to be unhappy, but I genuinely feel that pets are not safe being outdoors. Pets who stay inside live longer. They also don't get hit by cars. But on the other hand, he probably didn't have much trouble outside. He came inside to dishes full of food, treats, hugs, and clean litter. But he also gets chased and intimidated by Clyde.

Having to get up every 10 minutes to distract him or try some other tactic to make him stop beating on the window already was very sucky. (Particularly with both of us fighting head colds). I guess all we can do is love him while he outgrows this. ::sigh::


I'm feeling quite nurture-y lately. Last night, while watching E! News, I decided that I just need to hug Britney Spears. That poor girl. Yes, as Chelsea Handler says, she is a "hot mess" but my goodness they just won't leave her alone. Did you hear that she ran over a paperazzi's foot? And then kept driving? Did you see that there were about 25 of them surrounding her car and she couldn't even move? You could see her hand gestures and she's just defeated. It was like, "uh, guys, I can't go anywhere" Whereas, in her stronger days we might have seen a middle finger or something. I just feel so sorry for her. Crazy and all.


L Sass said...

Let's go down to LA and hug it out with Brit Brit. I think we can help her, don't you?

*~*Cece*~* said...

Yes, I think you & Sass do need to come here to LA so y'all can hug the shit out Brit. Then party with me when you're done! hehehe

Carrie said...

I'll hug too.

On the cat situation. Just let them be. Let him be intimidated. They will grow out of it. My cats taht used to be outdoor like the inside but sometimes want out. I will just open a window and they are fine. He will fit it. Trust me, Carrie aka Cat lady.

Angela said...

Babies can't be that much more work than pets, right? Although we don't have pets, so really what do I know on this subject?

Lindsey said...

I feel the same way about Brit at times. It's fun to watch her be a train wreck, but overall it's just sad. She is a real person. It would be interesting to be her for a day and just get inside her head. Does anyone else think weird thoughts like that? LOL