Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Y'all Know I Love the Overshare

I can't remember (read: am too lazy to look) how much I told you about my own patented brand of crazy. This crazy has been caused (mostly) by birth control pills and my notsogreat side effects to several brands. So, a month ago I talked to my doctor (for the, uh, 5th time in two years) and switched to Yasmin. First, let me just say that at a $45 co-pay, I was thinking that these things better work because if I still had the crazies at $45 a pop, you were going to see a lot more crazy. I'm just sayin'.

So, I think they may actually be pretty good. Granted, it's only been a month. But normally, I would be cranky and fussy and cynical and depressed and anxious and slightly neurotic. And that's even if nothing is really going on in my life.

So far, I have not been crazy. And this is with working 400 frillion hours at work and planning a trip for a certain boy's birthday that is kind of being taken over by what other people want to do. (I'm a planner, I like organizing and having a plan - but I can't really do that when other people are kind of dictating the weekend). So, yeah, that's frustrating, but hasn't reached any sort of level where I've even mentioned it (uh, except right here! So, hi Mark! Yeah, I'm mildly annoyed, but I'm sure you already knew that anyway).

Despite the lack of crazy, there have been a few tears. My favorite being the finale of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader auditions. With tears in my eyes I approached Mark and he said, "uh oh, what's wrong?" and I replied, "I'm just so happy that all the little trollops made the team! ::sniffle::"


B. Good said...

I don't remember the pills having a major effect on me, they were just annoying to take. But ya know, I just got the Depo shot, and by the grace of God, I have yet to experience any side effects. If anything, I've had a lack of an appetite, which is a side effect I welcome, for sure! Its making me wonder if the shot "took" (I'll be confirming that with my dr shortly.)

Well there's my overshare. I feel you on the planning and people inserting too many opinions (and not enough mone--err, I mean work). You'll get 'em in line, I'm sure!

Julie said...

I loved Yasmin when I was on it, but it wasn't covered by my health insurance. So I switched, but I am going to ask to go back on it.

Did you see the news report about the correlation btw BC and clogged arteries???

L Sass said...

I have been so nutty because of BC in the last couple years, I went off it entirely. I feel your pain.

(AS and I are now using the pull-out method.)

Um, just kidding. I hope that wasn't offensive.

Birthday Boy said...

I'll take the blame for the outside interjection into our weekend. I double planned the weekend. I went abalone diving last year and wanted to do it again this year. The first abalone trip of the year was June 21st. That was the weekend Aimee and I went camping with other friends so I happily passed knowing it was early in the season. I didn't know when I asked my cousins that Aimee wanted to go out of town for my birthday. She mentioned it a week later. They will be staying at the family cabin and coming up friday night. We'll see them for a few hours saturday morning for diving and then a couple hours at night for dinner then they are gone. So I understand the annoyance but boy+jacuzzi=all better!!! :D

alyndabear said...

I have to pay a visit to my doctors one day soon, because I need to figure out what to do with my birth control before London. Do I get a huge script here and take it with me? Or do I have to wait and visit a doctor over there? Argh!

Those cheerleaders. Always so emotional!

*~*Cece*~* said...

Reading this makes me thankful for the $150 copay I spent for my tubal five years ago.

Happy Birthday Mark!

Angela said...

I've been known to be quite crazy myself, so I totally feel you. (BTW, I switched to the uber-expensive Yasmin a while ago and have been fine so far too.) Good luck!

Lindsey said...

I had a friend who was having "crazy issues" from her birth control. $45 sucks, but if it is working then I guess it is worth it.

I think I am just crazy in general, but only around that time of the month, which happens to be right now. TMI!!! But seriously, I cry over everything, I blame everything on Edgar and then a few days later I'm back to loving him and everything is fine. I don't think this has anything to do with birth control...I think it's just hormones.

LaLa said...

I am on Yasmin too, we are pill sisters!