Thursday, December 6, 2007

I Had...

I had some pictures downloaded last night to post. You know, so I didn't miss posting any day in December. However, my computer had other ideas. Among the other pages that said computer REFUSED to load, was blogger. It just wasn't having it. In fact, THE BIG FOUR, were all impacted.

Bank of America

It was quite sad really. And I was going to show you how I got some of my decorating done - and show off a couple of early Christmas gifts. My mom's boyfriend (she helped) made a wooden nativity that hangs and has individual little people and shepards and animals and angles and the three wise guys. The other gift was an early present from mom. She put kickboard/baseboards in the kitchen! And they match the cabinets. See, when we moved in (4 years ago? 5?) my dad hadn't done that part yet. I've been bugging him for that long. It looks perfect now! yeah!

Last night we got to sleep peacefully and no one fought or banged on the window to wake us up (read; hi! Jack!) Salem took his medicine last night with little incident and then sat on the window seat with Jack with NO HISSING! I made chocolate chip cookies. I watched ANTM and that bitch Bianca went home. (Although, can anyone tell me why they fixed Joanie's one snaggletooth two seasons ago and yet, they won't fix the trainwreck in Jenah's mouth?) So, it was a good evening. Oh! and Mark brought home my new Cherry Chocolate LG phone. yeah!!

This morning I was awoken by the GIANT RING from the new phone, and Salem's sweet little meow. Then Jack walked across my face. And I finally took the hint and got up. Of course, it was raining, but I had no idea, so I did my hair (read: curling iron) I'm silly. AND to top off all the happiness....I finally saw Salem go PEE! (anytime you can ALL CAPS the word PEE, is a good time) So, apparently his medicine and new food are working and hopefully it was just a bladder infection this time around.

I may start calling this blog the bipolar blog because hi! wasn't I just totally pissed off the other day? hehe.

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