Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I'm Tired Y'all

I'm so ready for it to be 2008. Not because 2007 sucked or anything, but I'd like the month of running around like crazy people to just STOP ALREADY.

I want to clean my house. And finish the laundry and possibly even stay home for more than 45 minutes at a time.

On Saturday we finished up Christmas shopping and running errands. Then on Sunday we spent 13 hours at Mark's mom's house for a family Christmas party. On Monday I had to work (until 3!) and (poor Mark, I sent him to Walmart and the grocery store on Christmas Eve - he told everyone that he thought I hated him. lol) When I got home we got ready to go to my family Christmas get together and then we headed out to another family thing for Mark (his dad's family this time). We got home around 9 and got the house straightened up.

We read the Night Before Christmas (a tradition) and then watched Chelsea Handler and went to bed to wait for Santa. I got up early and took a shower and gave the pets their toys and treats from their stockings. (they had fun!) Awhile later, my mom got home and then I got Mark out of bed so we could open gifts.

THEN, we drove to my dad's and had breakfast (and more gifts) and then back to our house for a minute - and then to Mark's grandparents - and then home to wait on the turkey and loaf of bread that I made in our new breadmaker. The turkey took FOREVER. So we didn't get back to Mark's grandparents until like 7:00 or so. We played Win Lose or Draw. (fun!) and exchanged gifts.

And somewhere in all of that I washed all our new kitchen stuff and my mom cleaned out the cupboards so we had places to put everything. And I got the house straighted up, listened to my new radio thingy for my iPod and packed my cute new work bag.

And now it's back to the grind. Well, as grindy as you get considering I'm writing this from there. But whatever.

So, today, I will hit Target at lunch time. And after work I will um, eat more turkey and possibly go shopping with Mark to find good after Christmas deals on um, stuff. Then this weekend we are going to go out of town with some friends...but we'll be back for NYE and New Years Day - because we're cleaning the garage. We are CRAZY!

oh! and I got my SBS gift in the mail on Monday. My Secret Santa is Dawn of Alex Year One. She sent me some beautiful (and soft!) yarn, chocolate (yeah!) and a Starbucks card. She is now officially my new best friend. woohoo!


Carrie said...

And I thought my 3 gatherings wore me out. Bring on 2008, I am ready for you.

Marianne said...

I'm concur ... 2008, hurry the hell up! :)

L Sass said...

Win Lose or Draw???? Was it 1988 in Cali this week or what?

alyndabear said...

Aimee! I got your scarf! It's BEAUTIFUL and I adore the colour.. have worn it every day I've been here. Thankyou so much. :)

Now.. I think you need to sit down with your feet up and get Mark to give you a massage.

Lindsey said...

WTF I thought I was your best friend! I better start shopping for you or something... LOL

Dude, Mark is going to propose tonight. I just know it.

Wait, are you ready to slap me?

Freckle Face Girl said...

Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year!