Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Just Enough to be Annoying

Boy, you guys sure do like drama! I mean, I mention that work has drama and y'all are all over it!

I can only give you this:

I trust no one. Okay, I trust about 5 people on our floor. I trust 3 people on our other floor and everyone else on the other floor is too busy doing actual work to even know anything is going on. It is the typical battle between good and evil, conforming and questioning. "Us" doesn't like change. "Us" prefers to do it this way because (yup, you guessed it) "we've always done it this way." "Them" asks "why are we doing it this way?" "Them also wants to "work smarter not harder"
Doesn't "Them" sound really awesome?

I think so too.


L Sass said...

You should open a CafePress store and sell "Team Us" and "Team Them" t-shirts. It could be the new Jen v. Angelina, Lauren v. Heidi, Paris v. Lindsey / Nicole!

Concerned Super Hero said...

I think you should quit your job and look for one that will make you happy. Just not in that order.

Vanessa said...

THEM has the theme song from my life!

dawn224 said...

No Starbucks for them!