Monday, May 12, 2008


Hey Look! I'm still alive! I know you all were wondering. (is there anyone even out there??)

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms! Marianne in particular what with it being her first year as a mom!

Mom and I continued our Mother's Day tradition of participating in the Y-Me Walk to Empower. We were joined by lots of friends and family and everyone had a really good time. We went from 3 people last year to about 15 this year! (yeah!)

Here are some pics from walk day.

Mom and Me!

The Rack Pack!

Kaitlin, Me and Our Moms
My friend Stacey from work.

After the walk mom, Mark, and I went to a barbeque at my dad's house. There was lots of family there. And I love having a big family (one that I don't see much so I get updates at these type of events - which are usually invite only and limited to the people we like this week. LOL)

Things I learned:

1) it is not good to call a family member and ask, "are you a good person or are you an asshole?"

2) the conversation isn't over until someone is called and F*ing C*.

I believe these life lessons will serve me in good stead. Hope you all learned a little something yourselves! Have a great week!


The Trojan Man said...

The only conversation I heard started with,

Who is breeding?

How many times has she been bred?

Careful Kids... Breeding is contageous!!

L Sass said...

You and your mom are so adorable!

Julie said...

LOL! Those lessons are good to know!

Emmy said...

haha. i like your blog. the random title is awusome! it should be chelupa. those are yummy! lol. i like your blog its got lots of spunk. i got it from blondie. yeah. i like it. funny. ^_^

Carrie said...

Mom is looking much better!

You just gotta love family.

Vanessa said...

True words of wisdom! Glad to see you are still around.

Lindz said...

Fun! My mom and I did the doggy dash, sort of similar ?!?!

insane mama said...

Family, Shmamily, The good part is that is is unconditional love.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

1. You are adorable.

2. I saw an Old Guys Rule bumper sticker and tried to take a picture of it for you.

3. F-cking c-.

Anonymous said...


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