Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Miss Minnie Mack Mack Mack....

Today marks one week of Minnie's captivity. The way it worked with Minnie is I took her to the vet and got her tested. She came back FIV+, which, from what I've learned isn't a death sentence, but it does make things trickier. I have been reluctant to bring her in and especially to introduce her to the other cats. (who are not FIV+)

However, she had fleas and looked scrungy. So I brought her in and gave her a bath. She wasn't thrilled, but was really easy going and pretty much just let me give her the bath with little struggle. (and only one tiny scratch where she was trying to get around me at one point - it was an accident).
She looked very pretty afterward though (and comfy)


We were worried that she might be preggers or that she might get preggers, so I scheduled her for a spay at the SPCA. I picked her up that evening and she was still pretty much out. She got groggy and wanted to walk around all wobbly. (which scared me, but I let her do it and just helped her not fall over. She kept jumping onto Mark's desk so I borrowed a big dog crate from my friend Sheila. It fits her water, food, bed, and a small litterbox. She stayed in it when we weren't home during the day (for maybe a day or two) Now she's been hanging out in Mark's computer room lounging on his keyboard. (when she's trying to get comfy she stretches and kicks the keyboard off the desk too, which I think is funny. it's like we're in cahoots)

For now, I'd love to keep her - she's just the sweetest thing imaginable...she's so mellow and go with the flow and she just loves to snuggle. But I'm going to try to find her a home where she can be an only child or with other FIV+ kitties in the home. If you know of anyone in California (or Norhtern Nevad) who is looking to adopt a sweet tortie girl, please let me know. I'd be willing to drive just about anywhere to make sure this baby gets the best home.


Vanessa said...

What a sweetie!

L Sass said...

Oh she looks so mad to be getting a bath in that first photo!

Hope you find her a family soon.

Rhiannon said...

She is a doll. She could be Gelsey's long haired twin!

B. Good said...

How precious! I'd so take her if I could.

Viviane said...

How cute! Have you found a home for her yet?