Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm Still Mean

In case you thought that I'm completely distracted by shiny bling and overly shmoopy and happy - I'm still mean. And hilarious. :P

I'm also confused.

I was walking to work this morning and I saw a woman who was wear suit pants and a pretty short sleeved shiny top. She was carrying her suit jacket. As I'm walking towards my office she says, "OMG it gets cold here!"


1) It's f*cking autumn/winter. What did you think happened here?
2) You're carrying your jacket? Why not put it on? and stop talking to strangers?

So my question is - Where is this woman from? Normally I'd say she's from the midwest, because you know, from that perspective California is always in the 80s and we all spend our days surfing. But 60 wouldn't be all that cold to someone from the midwest, so that's out.

Maybe she was from Southern California, except, then she'd know that the stereotypes aren't true...right? Or maybe not.

All in all this morning started with a wtf moment that I really shouldn't spend so much time analyzing. So I'll let you ponder it instead. :) You're welcome.


Nicole P. said...

Ok, I'm from the Midwest and I've been to California a handful of times. It IS always warm there and you wouldn't stop whining about how my visit was keeping you from surfing.

In fact, the guest bed was a surf board and you wore a swimsuit everywhere we went, no matter how inappropriate. But everyone else wore them all the time, too, so it was alright.

Just tryin' to keep it real for your readers. They have no idea how much you lie to them. Sad, really. TRAGIC!!

Mall Parking Guy said...

Ten minutes ago I was holding a cardboard sign...

Skinned Knees said...

I was going to say she may have been from the East coast - there are a number of people who don't realize there is a difference between Northern and Southern California and even then that it can get a bit chilly in both places if not downright cold in No. CA.

But, really, if you're cold - put your jacket on - it's doing nothing for you if your cold and carrying it!!

Congratulations on getting engaged, btw.

Vanessa said...

Perhaps she is from Australia and didn't realize the seasons are opposite here? Hmmm, no an accent would have given that away. No idea, but entertained by pondering...

Carrie said...

I guess it is just what you are used to. I couldn't get used to cold nights and warm days.

Mrs. F said...

Uh yeah, cold nights and warm days. That is confusing or hard to understand HOW???? LOL.

I am at a loss.

Domestic Goddess in Training said...

I vote for Florida. It's always a safe bet to assume crazy people are from Florida.

Lindsey said...