Monday, November 3, 2008

Okay, Okay - Sheesh!

Boy, you ladies are DEMANDING. Hee.

We had a pretty eventful weekend, but I know you're just here for the good I'll get to it. Mark and I went to Fort Bragg (on the Northern California Coast) Thursday night through Sunday afternoon. We try to go once a year because we both LOVE it there. This time we brought Miss Daisy with us, to stay in a cottage for the weekend.

We arrived late in the night and got settled in. We spent most of the drive talking about how he had bought me a ring (Mark is HORRIBLE at keeping secrets) and that I should NOT expect him to propose because the ring was being set/sized and he wouldn't be able to pick it up for a week or so.

On Friday we got up early and took Daisy to the dog park to play and then we stopped for breakfast. After breakfast we went to my favorite beach (Glass Beach). Afterward, we went walking through downtown (it's a cute little town) and checked out the shops. The pet shop was having a pet halloween party and Daisy was having fun eating treats and she got her picture taken, while I tried a scavenger hunt game.

Then we went to Mark's favorite beach, Jughandle. We all had a blast watching Daisy chase the waves and just enjoying the light rain.

When we got back to the cottage, Mark dropped down to one knee and asked me to marry him. I said, yes and asked him what he had in his hand. It was a rock. A rock shaped like a heart that he had picked up on the beach. :)

The rest of the trip was a series of eeeeeeks and yippeees and shmoopiness. And he wasn't kidding about the ring - I really do have to wait until next Monday to get it! And I'm just giddy with excitement and happiness (everyone in our family is just over the moon about it).

We're thinking of having a fall wedding.

More details about our trip and some more pictures later.


Anonymous said...

so adorable. i can't stand it. congrats! <3 so sweet.


Julie said...

hhaa you should know by now that you need to keep all of us in the loop!

alyndabear said...

Too right we're nosey. Some of us have to live vicariously through your good news, you know! :-)

Mark is hilarious, telling you in the car. I love it! And a heart shaped rock is completely adorable. He did good. I can't wait to see your bling. So happy for you both - and you had Daisy as a witness!

Erin said...

A heart-shaped rock? Too cute! :)

Ted is terrible at keeping secrets too! ;)

Carrie said...

You know I would have to be nosey. That's how I roll. LOL

Adam didn't go down on one knee, he told me while he was asking that he was afraid that I would be embarrassed because I get really embarassed. LOL

Congrats! I was waiting for this one. Next up, L Sass.

Lindsey said...




I can't wait to see the ring!

Freckle Face Girl said...

CONGRATS!!! What a sweet story. I am so excited for you both!

Vanessa said...

OMG! I'm late to the party here but CONGRATULATIONS! This is so exciting!