Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Shoulda Went to Work

Monday was my day off. I had spent the weekend cleaning and was pretty comfortable that I was going to get to enjoy my day off by Sunday night. Until the refrigerator made a clunking sound. And we realized that it was really warm inside (not optimal, right?) Luckily Mark was able to make some adjustments (it was almost like a breaker made just the fridge go off, which makes no sense to me, but I'm not an electrician, so whatever) and get it to seem like it might be cooling off.

But, better safe than sorry...we moved all the stuff into an ice chest - and threw most of the leftovers in their containers in the sink. (it was late - like 11).

So, in the morning I was greeted with (yeah!) a working fridge....but left in the wake of the night before was the leftover containers and the fact that I still had to unload the ice chest back into the fridge. sigh.

And then I realized that Jack was having an issue, and would need to go to the vet.

And then Daisy decided that she didn't like the ice chest. It took me 15 minutes of watching her to figure out what she was barking at. OMG dog, STOP! She saw me put it out there! and didn't start barking till like an hour later. I think it was just an excuse for her to be an asshole. But maybe I'm wrong (I'm so not wrong!)

Yesterday I was back at work, where I had a ton to do. I made the realization that, 1) my direct supervisor is not the brightest bulb and that 2) she will take every opportunity to throw her staff under the bus.

I did manage to get everything done today, but not till I spent 15 minutes trying to show her how to add three numbers together on her calculator. (i wish I were kidding, y'all)

I also managed to cry twice in the last two days, both times were about Chance.

And now, while I'm happy to have gotten my invisiline, I'm not super happy about how much my mouth hurts. I am happy that it's such a pain in the ass to take them off and then brush/floss before putting the trays back in. it's just not worth the hassle to have extraneous snacks. I'm hoping this is going to be the BEST DIET EVER.

Wish me luck.


Miss Yvonne said...

I never thought to use an invisiline as a diet aide...that's genius!

Carrie said...

Sorry about the sad times without Chance but remember he is now in doggy heaven and there is no place like doggy heaven. And plus he sent you Daisy to keep you smiling regardless of the barking.


Vanessa said...

One I'm so sorry about Chance. The pain of that loss can surprise at the strangest times.

Two, let me know how the invisiline goes? I've been tempted to try it for my bottom teeth, but after having braces twice as a kid, feel like that should have gotten the job done. Sadly, it did not.

misguided mommy said...

the invisaline won't be a good diet, because...if you want chocolate, and you need chocolate you will find a way to have chocolate no matter how bad your teeth hurt....example, MILKSHAKES make sore teeth feel much better.

Or maybe. I just have no willpower and suck at dieting.

Julie said...

Can I tell you why I love you...

Because I was all confused when I started reading, then sad when you were sad about Chance and then I burst out laughing when I read, "BEST DIET EVER".

3 emotions in one read.

*~*Cece*~* said...

For some odd reason I have the hardest time accessing your blog. Odd. Anyway, I hate days like you just described. My dog sat and barked at a leaf that was just TAUNTING her for what seemed like ever. lol Good luck w/the Invisaline diet!