Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm Not the worst blogger - but I'm bad

Some other people we know are much worse about posting regularly, but I've been pretty lame. I'm lame at reading and commenting too. So i'm going to do better. :) I hope.

The people in my "real" life are probably bored of wedding talk, but I know some of you EAT IT UP. So a quick update might be necessary. We drove about 45 minutes yesterday to buy desserts at the bakery that we are seriously considering for the cake - because they are THAT good. We've met three photographers, and I set up a meeting with another, but of course, we're busy that day. grrr. We're meeting with the caterer next month. I've been talking to Mark's mom about flowers and centerpieces.

And we've begun the fight over the guest list. (good times!) We started with a "we want a really great loving vibe" theme and it's moving towards "we can't not invite this person" theme. Which will greatly impact the number of people we will be inviting, and therefore changing the whole vibe. As predicted, this will probably be one of the few things we won't be able to agree on. And yes, I had big plans of not being bridezilla. Wish me luck. :P

We've also wandered into the "well, you can't invite one kid and not invite the others." Which, is a huge issue since, frankly, neither of us are big fans of kids in general. We don't necessarily dislike them, we're more neutral. Except in the case of one - I LOVE my friend's daughter. She's just darling. I bowled her into the wedding (this consisted of me going up to bowl and Mark saying, If you get a strike, she can be in the wedding - I totally got a strike! woohoo!) We might have to have a yahtzee game to make other decisions (like, band vs dj)

In other news, work has been kicking my ass and I haven't had time to do much personal stuff. I did actually pay all my bills on time this month though, which is different. I've had the money in previous months, but never had the time to just sit down and do it. You know, like blogging. I use bill paying as a way of measuring how out of control my personal life is. If I can't find 10 minutes to pay all my bills ONLINE, then I'm obviously neglecting other areas.

Like emailing my book club girls at 11 p.m. the NIGHT BEFORE our meeting.

I'm taking in all the victories that I can though. Including reading 4 books in the last week and a half (OMG I love Karen Kingsbury!) and remembering to water my newly planted flowers EVERY SINGLE DAY. Tomorrow I intend to put in my 9 hours and then check out and watch my boy play softball.


Julie said...

Okay so kids at weddings.
It is TOTALLY different if the parent(s) is a member of the wedding party. Her daughter should be the only kid there. Unless you're having a flower girl or ring bearer whatever...

Thank you for not including me in the lack of blogging shout out.
:) I'm working on it too!

Carrie said...

Doesn't it seem everyone is dropping off the face of the earth. I think we are just over it. We think our blog friends already know what we are thinking or we already do emails to them. I always keep the old blog friends and read them when they show up on my reader. I don't however go out of my way to read new blogs which means missing out on interesting people but I just don't have time and I like my blog family the way it is. Even if it is just every once in a while they blog.

Nicole P. said...

Yeah, so my blog is collecting cobwebs. Whatcha gonna do about it? :P I have NOTHING good to write about. NOTHING. My life is boring and stressful. No one wants to read that!

Ok, fine, I'll try to figure out something to write about this weekend when I'm snowed in thinking of you damn Californians soaking up sunshine. :)

Midwest Mommy said...

Wedding plans are such a pain in the butt! It will all be so worth it though.

Lindsey said...

I'm so bad at blogging that it takes me like 10 years to realize that you totally called me out on my lack of blogging. Damn you! LOL