Monday, August 24, 2009

Some Things

::tap tap tap::
Is this thing on?

Yeah, so some people (hi! Mark!) have complained that I don't blog anymore. But, most of you aren't either. So here is the long version in short form.

101 Things

1. I got a new job
2. At a craft store
3. its my "fun job"
4. because my "real" job sucks
5. a lot
6. plus, I get discount
7. for wedding stuff!
8. speaking of which - less than 14 months till we get married!
9. we picked out the bridesmaid dresses
10. they are burgundy
11. we are renting them
12. I found a florist that can do all our flowers for 1/2 of what we budgeted
13. which means I'm splurging on the cake I want
14. it's orange truffle filling with chocolate cake
15. and probably raspberry truffle with white cake
16. gosh, I want some cake now
17. they've re-orged my office again
18. for like the 3rd time in 6 months
19. I'm definitely applying elsewhere
20. I found some super cute clothes this weekend
21. Mark and I put my elliptical together on Thursday
22. I've used it once since then
23. I started another semester of tennis class tonight
24. it sure was hot outside chasing balls since we aren't very good
25. had a fun girls night on friday
26. watched 27 dresses (again)
27. mark says that all my movies have weddings in them
28. ha! Post Grad did NOT have a wedding in it! yeah!
29. it also wasn't very good
30. go figure
31. I have Definitely Maybe from Netflix
32. Which will probably sit for another week till I get around to watching it
33. Last movie we netflixed was Forgetting Sarah Marshall
34. It made us laugh
35. But there was a little too much wang in it for my taste
36. Daisy went on her first camping trip
37. It was short lived
38. she lacerated her inner thigh about 4 inches
39. two emergency vet visits, and she's healed
40. she went on another camping trip the next weekend
41. with only a minor potty incident
42. I'm talking Mark on the bluetooth
43. I still don't know how to use it that well
44. I'm super excited about reading the new October 2010 Knottie Book Club book
45. I'm not so excited about reading the SDBBE book I got in the mail
46. I just can't get into it
47. I miss my bloggy friends!
48. Where you guys at?!
49. Thank goodness for Facebook right?
50. My friend's dad calls it spacebook
51. He's not trying to be funny
52. I'm super excited to go to Mark's brother's wedding
53. less excited about spending money to go
54. but my boy is very handsome in a tux
55. and I have a cute dress
56. Plus I love his new sister-in-law
57. I'm really glad we'll be family
58. Did I mention less than 14 months?
59. We're getting married in a historic church
60. Unless they close down the state park that it's in
61. Then we're getting married on the river
62. which isn't as nifty
63. but will work as long as I get to marry my hunny
64. Did you just throw up a little?
65. Sorry!
66. A couple of my friends are going through crappy stuff
67. I feel helpless because there's nothing I can do
68. but I listen good
69. and apparently with bad grammar
70. I'm feeling motivated to do something crafty
71. but not motivated enough to make a mess pulling the crafty stuff out
72. I wish I had the motivation to really sort through all my stuff
73. and have a yard sale or donate it
74. I hate clutter
75. yet, it usually exists
76. I have fun new friends at work
77. We do lunch and fro yo
78. and bitch
79. I went 23 days without soda
80. but I drank one today
81. the first sip was heaven
82. then not so much
83. but at least I won't crave it again for awhile
84. I really want to lose 20 pounds by the time I go dress shopping
85. In October
86. And then I'd like to have to wear a smaller size because I lost 30 more pounds
87. I lost 4 last week
88. only 46 more to go
89. GAH!
90. I'm actually bummed that Megan Wants a Millionaire is being cancelled
91. and relieved that Ryan guy didn't win
92. because I actually HEART Megan
93. even if she is pretty useless
94. I'm looking forward to relaxing this evening
95. and maybe getting to bed before midnight
96. which hasn't happened in a LOOOOONG time
97. of course, I won't get there if I keep trying to think of more things
98. I've been struggling since about number 45 or so
99. Mark's home
100. Gonna go say hi
101. Bye for now!


Mrs. F said...

Ummm, Facebook is the new Blog.

Love your list!!!

Jess said...

Hmm. Now I want some cake!

Mark said...

39. Stitches and party hats are fun
77. Why are you at Tokyo Fro's?
96. Didn't happen again
100. HI!!!!!!!!!

Freckle Face Girl said...

What a cute way to post. I think life has gotten the better of most of us. Perhaps, blogging will get interesting again.

alyndabear said...

1. I miss you. post more!
2. This post made me laugh.
3. I totally want cake now, damnit.
4. I'm right there with you on the weight loss kick. Bleurgh.
5. Can we eat cake and still lose weight? :D

Julie said...

I should probably do this too.
Since I haven't blogged in a while.


audrey said...

I agree -- thank goodness for facebook! I miss blogging, generally, but I just can't seem to make the time for it much anymore.

Carrie said...

Blogging is just hard these days. I am with you on Facebook, it rawks!

Brandy Rose said...

You just gave me wonder excuses to steal for why I haven't been blogging lately. Much appreciation :P

LiLu said...

A new job in this market? Good for you!

Lindsey said...