Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Lucky One

I don’t know about you; but when I think about my luck, I don’t consider myself to be very lucky. I was lucky once in the third grade. I won a bicycle in a raffle I got entered into for reading a bunch of books. (It was called Books and Beyond). Ironically, my parents had just bought me the same bike a week earlier. Go figure.

This may explain why I don’t find myself gambling very often. Sure, I enjoy going to Thunder Valley with my family, but I mostly just do it for the buffet. I play a few dollars on the slots and usually lose. I don’t usually play table games when we do local trips. However, once we’re out of town – I find that I can be drawn to the blackjack table.

I blame this on necessity mostly. Because it’s where I got my start in blackjack. Back in my yeehaw days, we did monthly Reno runs. We’d drive up, spend the weekend in a seedy (ie cheap) hotel and go dancing all night long. On one such trip, we found ourselves short on cash and low on gas. So I decided to risk it and play blackjack (I had about $10 to my name at the time).

Next to me was a nice gentleman who helped me to really learn to play the game. It must be noted that this nice gentleman was a one-armed trucker. And no, I’m not kidding. He showed me when to hit and when to stay. I even learned to double down. I was able to win enough money that night to not only fill the tank with gas, but to buy everyone breakfast on our way out of town.

These days I don’t play much. I’d still prefer to play in the kid’s area where I’m guaranteed a prize. But I can see where people might really enjoy gambling in their spare time. If not for the convenience, but to avoid the cigarette smoke. That’s enough of an incentive. And, as Rook says, you don’t need pants. Just sayin’.

For those of you who are into the online gambling scene, you should check out Casino Las Vegas. It’s an online gaming site with all of the games that you would find in Vegas. Including blackjack. I don’t think they have any one-armed truckers though. Sorry about that.

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Rook said...

Ohman. One armed truckers are a pretty sweet deal. My dad was a trucker.

He still has both arms though.

Also he doesn't gamble.

But those carnival games of chance, like... where you have to throw a soft ball at some milk bottles? He's like a goddamn little kid. And an addict. All at once.

I'm not even kidding. We went to Busch Gardens and he seriously just went insane with all the games. He dropped like 500 dollars. I mean, he won a lot, but there is only so many places where you can put a four foot tall stuffed animal. For a while our living room looked like some sort of cereal commercial hell with all the anthropomorphic animals in costume in it.

True facts.


Yeah. Pants.