Sunday, May 20, 2007

I Just Felt Like Runnin'!

Thank goodness there are only a few more days left until VACATION!! I NEED it.

Yesterday, I decided to take a break from some of the cleaning to go running with Tracy. I'm not sure what I was thinking, since I had to get up at 7:00 to get ready to be there by 8:00. But, I made it over there and we headed out to the trail. We did a warmup (walking) and then alternated between 1 minute walking and 2 minutes running. Tracy is smart and has a watch that she can program to beep and let us know when to alternate. When I tried this with some other friends, one of us had to hold the stop watch. BAH! That was at the beginning of my health kick, and it was hard to even jog one minute, so I was happy to see that I've made some progress.

We apparently did almost 4 miles. That's the longest distance I've ever done. I mean, I'm sure I've hiked that far in a day (or even one hike) while in Yosemite like, a frillion years ago. But it's definitely the longest distance I've ever done like this. I think Tracy was a little surprised that it went so well. I know I was!

The trail is funny because there are so many people there and a lot of them are really friendly and everyone says hello or talks to their dogs. At one point, some ladies yelled, "you're doing good!" or "keep it up" or something encouraging. And I laughed because I'm totally thinking that no one would cheer on some skinny athletic looking girls. I was thinking, "Way to go fattie!" was what that really meant. Apparently, this happens a lot and not always to those of us who don't look, um, athletic.

Today I was a little sore, but I'm ready to try it again. Maybe even with the 3 or 4 minutes of running 1 minute of walking that Tracy normally does. We're going to go again this week I think. Yeah!!

After the run, Mark and I went out to DQ University (the tribal college) to meet up with Mom at a pow wow. We ate indian tacos and watched grand entry. And that was pretty much it. We had lots to do, but we wanted to check it out, since there aren't many pow wows close to us. We went on a date to Baskin Robbins later in the evening (and watched the finale of the Ultimate Coyote Ugly). Fun!

We're in super cleaning mode over here too. We got so much done this weekend, including steam cleaning the carpets. Everything looks awesome, and the only thing I have left is our room and bathroom. The rest of the house looks FABULOUS. I even planted some more flowers to replace the ones that died. (that's my brown thumb at work).

I'm off to finish up. I'll add pictures to this post later.


Nicole P. said...

Way to go, runner! And when you said DQ University I thought you were referencing Dairy Queen ahaha!! That's the only thing DQ stands for in these parts.

Jessy said...

how on earth did i miss this move?? i suck. ill update my links :)

Julie said...

Nicole I am with you.
DQ means Dairy Queen to me!

I have to admit that you saying "Way to go fatty" made me snort.


Carrie said...

I'm so proud of you fatty! LOL

I couldn't jog for 2 minutes to save my life. Maybe if Freddie was chasing after me but I doubt it. I would be shredded to pieces.

Cece said...

Uh, yeah, the only DQ I know is all about ice cream, yo!

Dude, I tried jogging last week & I just can't do it. My boobs are too big & flop all over the damn place! Even with a sports bra on! WTF?

reformattingmybrain said...

As much as I wish I could run, because I enjoy it, I just can't. It hurts my back something terrible. Good for you, you runnin fool!! I'll be here walking :-)

Jenny said...

4 miles?! Seriously>

Is that even possible?

It makes me want to throw up just thinking about it. And that's almost as effective for weight loss as running 4 miles. (But probably not quite as healthy.)

L Sass said...

Running??? You know this is my favorite post you ever wrote (except for any post about handbags or shoes.)

Watch out, it really and truly is addictive, and SERIOUSLY anyone can start running.

Sign up for a 5K!! Woot.

NancyPearlWannabe said...

Congrats on the running and on the cleaning! Now if only you could transfer those productive powers to me, my life would be perfect. :)

Horrible Warning said...

Run Forrest, run.

Um, sorry...apparently I can't help myself and it is 1994.

You guys, she did so well. I kept telling her, which probably made her want to push me off the trail to get me to shut the hell up already. But it was true!

And it was fun! And I confirm that it was in fact just shy of 4 miles, and if you count the half mile to the car, then it was more than 4.

Aimee rocked it.

Sugee Andersyn said...

That's awesome that you have someone to run with. Email me where your friend got that gadget. The 1 and 2 minute mix sounds fab!