Friday, May 18, 2007

I think my job is affecting my mental health. I am sitting at my desk muttering, "I hate you I hate you I hate you" under my breath at my emails. Someone please kill me.
Yesterday was a really bad day. The final concensus (Thanks Julie) was that I need to quit my job and start a petting zoo. I'll let you know when I've worked out the logistics. I do have some other plans in the works though, so keep your fingers crossed, please!
So let's think of something happy, shall we?!
If I can get through today, and next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday; I will be on VACATION for over a week! A much needed vacation, I remind you.
On Thursday, I plan to go to the County Fair. Mom and I have a longstanding tradition of eating our weight in fried food on a stick every year at this time. This day usually ends in me dragging a large potted plant from the plant sale all the way out to our car about 2 miles away. Because I'm smart like that.
That night, Mark will be picking up his brother from the airport. Side story: We were talking about the LOST season finale and Mark, who has been super excited that his brother will be in town, got all upset that he would miss the LOST finale because of his F*ing brother coming into town. I about died. It's the wrong night anyway, but it was pretty funny how important LOST seemed at the time. (Mark and his brother will be going on a guys' hiking trip into the wilderness with their cousins for the weekend.)
Later that night, Tracy, Mom, and I will be heading to Southern California! YEAH!!! We're going to drive at night and then when we get into town, we'll take Tracy to her parents and mom and I will hit Ruby's at Huntington Pier.

Then we will relax on the beach and maybe find a bunch more sand dollars like we did last year ( think we came back with at least 15 really big ones). We might do some shopping, at Crossroads, which happens to have 4 or 5 locations in Southern California (3 of which are pretty close to each other!) Crossroads in So Cal has a really great selection of designer stuff, so I'm hoping to find something FABULOUS.

Also in West Hollywood is Heavy Petting, the pet boutique which is completely awesome and carries canopy beds and trundle beds for cats. How much would you all heart something like that?! I'm totally looking at you Marianne!
Also on the agenda for the weekend is a trip to Santa Monica Pier to ride the beach cruisers and some celebrity stalking might insue. (shhh).

We're also going to....DISNEYLAND! Yayayayaya! We're totally obsessed with Disneyland, FYI. I'm very sad that Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln will not be up and running (it's our favorite!) but no other good attractions will be closed, so that's a plus. We're going to do a park hopper so we can go back to California Adventure too, which has the best innertube ride and I can't wait to get wet! woot!

We also plan to see Drew play his violin, and to hit downtown disney and go to the ESPN Zone. I can't wait!

See! This got a lot cheerier.


Lara said...

i'm so jealous! i want to go to disneyland! i want to go to HB! it's my hometown and i miss it! :(

take lots of pictures so i can go home vicariously through you. :)

Cece said...

OMG you'll be in MY neck of the woods! But I'll be camping elsewhere! lol Hope you guys have fun.

Love the new blog. Gotta question for you, do you not heart me anymore? lol Can I pimp my blog-link to you?

L Sass said...

I have never been to Disneyland, only Disneyworld. :( :(

AND... I am going to pretend that I did not hear you enthuse about a glam boutique for CATS. I think it's better for both of us that way. :) :)

Nicole P. said...

Love Santa Monica Pier! And I haven't been to Disneyland since I was 6 years old but I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain when I was in high school. There's a fabulous roller coaster there that makes you nearly pass out from the G forces. My brother was starting to black out before it pulled us out of the spin. Sweet!!

Carrie said...

Jealous! I hope you take lots of pictures. Too bad Cece won't be there for you two to meet.

alyndabear said...




Disney Freak



Julie said...

Excuse me?

Next time I get to go.

And I full expect the Petting Zoo to be up and running ASAP.

Lindsey said...

It sounds like you have an AMAZING trip planned! I hope you have tons of fun. By the way, I love your new blog. It's so cute!!

Sugee Andersyn said...

You actually did a great job of turning blah and hell work to cheery! That's not easy to do!! I go insane at work too :)