Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm Cheap! But Vain!

I spent most of the morning (sshhhh don't tell the boss) creating a new blog. The hardest part is always thinking of a name - and then, I had to decide if I really wanted to move it, because, hi! I don't want to lose any of you! I also didn't want to lose all my linky love.

Apparently, I'm kind of a motard when it comes to all things technical, just ask poor Nicole about the month that it took for her to explain iTunes and iPods to me. But again, she came to the rescue and although I am vain, I am also cheap and I'm tired of spending over a $100 a year on a blog when I can get it somewhere else for free. This isn't rocket science.

With a hundred extra dollars, I could:

Buy these!
Or this!

I knew that if I related this move to shopping, you'd all totally understand.


Nicole P. said...

Bravo! Yeah there's no reason to spend money on a blog unless you are Amalah or something!

Aimee said...

Who's to say I won't be?! Give me time Woman! My God! LOL

Jenny said...

I want that dress.

And boobs small enough to be able to wear it.

PS. Love the new digs.

L Sass said...

All I wish is that my link on your blogroll said "Sneaky Sausage" instead of "Sassy Laurel."

Ok, not really. But I love your new blog! I have been at blogspot for months, and I still don't know how to make comments pop up in a separate window!

Lara said...

did a female actually just say she wished she had *smaller* boobs? i don't understand.

welcome to blogger! :) love the new digs, and will update my linky love soon.

alyndabear said...

I'd go the dress. Definitely the dress. I think I'm going to move to Wordpress after my year's Typepad subscription runs out..

LOVE the name. I had you for dinner last night, missy. :P


reformattingmybrain said...

Mmm Enchalada's sound really good right now - and it's 7 am.... aaah pregnancy - gotta love it :-)

Aimee said...

In discussion of boobs (because that's what the internet is for) I feel your pain Jenny, I don't think I could shove my rack in that dress either.

And yes, all cute tops are made with tiny 2" squares that will never fit more than a nipple on some women. So we get SCREWED when it comes to all those cute tops. ::sigh::

Carrie said...

Okay, I think I can handle the move.

Carrie: Go to blogger and change your stuff and update Aimee on your google reader. You can do it.

I'll survive. Enchalada? Aimee Enchalada...kinda has a ring to it.

Freckle Face Girl said...

Welcome to the land of free blogging!

Cece said...

I dealt with the crappiness that Blogger use to be b/c I was too cheap to pay for a blog! Looks great!

LaLa said...

I bet you are loving yourself sick on this new blog!

Can highly recommend Wordpress as well if you ever get the urge to move again!

I once wanted to change my last name to Shoe once.

Julia Shoe.

Needless to say, I'd had quite a few wines!

Updating blogroll now! xx

Lindsey said...

$100 aint cheap like you. The shoes are hot. Hot like you.

Sugee Andersyn said...

I love to blog on the clock. Nothing like blogging and getting PAAAAIID! :)