Wednesday, May 23, 2007

On Dreams and Garden Gnomes

My brain has started to really start thinking about summer and vacations. (you know in between screaming, "YOU REALLY SHOULD START PACKING ALREADY WOMAN!) Truth be told, I love going on the rides at Disneyland. However, there is one ride that I won't go on: Splash Mountain. I have never been on it because I hate that feeling of falling that you get on that last flume at the end. I feel like I'm going to fly out of the seat. My stomach drops. I HATE it! Flip me upside down, make me go in circles at 400 miles per hour, I'm fine. But no stomach dropping please (the smaller drops taken at high speed don't bother me, much).

We've been talking about doing a trip to another amusement park at the end of summer. And I realize that most of those rides are roller coasters that include those stomach dropping freefalls. And I want to go and I wish I liked it. That got me to thinking that maybe I need to just buck up and do the whole Splash Mountain thing and see if maybe I can tolerate it. Or maybe even like it. Or possibly just not fly out or throw up.

There is another ride at California Adventure that is The Tower of Terror. And it sounds sooooo neat because you're in an elevator and it travels sideways - but I think it's one of those freefall types of things too...and frankly, I'm not sure I can handle all that. But I would really like to check out all the stuff to see inside the hotel. It just looks really cool.

So, I've been thinking about elevators. Which leads me to my dream last night. I was in an elevator with some other women. One of which had a baby. (and we were all sitting on couches in this elevator. hee) The baby was wearing a little onesy that was kelly green and white and she/he was sooooo cute. I was playing with her and touching her hand and her soft little baby head. I remember thinking, I want one! And then I said to myself (outloud in my dream) I have to go and play with a bigger kid to get that feeling to go away. HA! I'm even a smartass in my dreams. I rock.


This morning, I parked my car and started walking towards Starbucks . (which, incidentally is in the opposite direction as my office). On my way I saw two different men who looked like full sized garden gnomes. (overalls, white beards, hats). They were both riding adult sized tricycles pulling small trailers. (one trailer was bigger than the other). I wonder if they know each other.

I'm surprisingly not sore today after running another 2.5 miles with Tracy and B. Although, last night I felt like my legs were going to fall off. Or maybe like I wanted them too. Today, I'm better, but don't ask me about it tomorrow because you won't want to know how I'm feeling then.


Something else kind of funny. Well, not funny haha, but funny like, "you dumb bitch, do your job" funny. Last month, I worked part time for another agency and was supposed to have receive a check for the overtime (a pretty good sized chunk of money that will buy lots of cute clothes at crossroads) by the 15th of this month. I didn't recieve it. So I called about it and apparently they had issues keying it in. So, they just ignored it until I brought it to their attention. SUPER! Thanks a lot! So they told me that they keyed it last week (on the 15th) which would have put money in my hands by Monday at the latest. BUT, no money.

So I started my campaign to actually get an answer and to get my freaking check already. I emailed two people in personnel. I emailed their supervisor. I emailed their Branch Chief. No one emailed me back. Then the next day, one of the guys I used to work with and my old manager started calling her. AND FINALLY, I got a response. She is actually working on it and should have a check to me today. She also asked that I stop contacting other people because she now has 6 different people (including 3 managers) checking in with her on the status. Frankly, if she had done her job properly in the first place, it wouldn't be a problem. AND if any one of those managers had dropped me an email and said, "I'll look into it and get back to you" I wouldn't have had to keep escalating it. It is a good thing that she called though, because I had given them a time limit (in my own mind) for when they needed to get back to me before I contacted the Division Director (which would NOT have been pretty). So, keep your fingers crossed that I can pick up a check today, lest I have to camp out on her desk tomorrow.

BUT, only one more day of work and then 11 days of VACATION!!!! woot!


L Sass said...

Hooray vacation!!! Boo work!!

I am eternally disappointed that you have no pictures of the life size gnome men. I would love for that to be my computer wallpaper.

reformattingmybrain said...

I wish I could handles rides. I got sick this weekend watching my son on the tire swing! This chica needs her feet planted firmly on the ground :-) Have a good vacation!!! LUCKY!!

B. Good said...

I nearly choked on my water reading about the life-size garden gnomes, lol. OH, the visual.

You just may have inspired me to start jogging in the morning. We'll see.

And I don't do rollercoasters, so God Bless you. BUT....I DO do vacations!!! Mines in 3 days, woo woo! I hope you enjoy yours :)

Nicole P. said...

I hate water rides because I don't like to walk around for the rest of the day all wet.

And you are not allowed to go on vacation for that long. Who is going to entertain me all day?!

You suck. I hate you. Not really.

Julie said...

11 days?
Will u send me a postcard?
I'm serious!

Cece said...

Vacations ROCK! I hope you have a great time!

Yeah, if that Ho would've done her job in the first place you wouldn't have turned into a stalker. Duh!

Tirzah said...

Damn, why didn't you get a pic of the little gnomes!?!? Tell that biiiotch from the office she'd better have that check done by the end of the day or your sending your naked dog in to beat her ass! hahahaha

Lara said...

tower of terror is awesome! of course, i like the stomach dropping rides. :) if you're looking for an amusement park, you should come down here and go to great america and we could meet up and hang out! i've been contemplating a great america trip anyway, 'cause i'm a fan of amusement parks.

also, the gnomes? kinda freaky.

Carrie said...

Long winded today? LOL

I like rides but we don't have an amusement park here. Nope, they are tearing it down.

Marianne said...

11 days? You're not coming here, are you? We have an amusement park!

So, those Gnomes... do you think they had some sort of psychopathology and had delusions of Santa Claus? That's so weird.

alyndabear said...


You must go to Six Flags there.. I forced everyone to go there with me when we visited LA last time, and WOW. Rides? amazing! The Goliath rollercoaster is bloody terrifying!

Can I please come with you? Please?

You need to stop making me all OMG-ish in all of your comments, please.

reevesfarm said...

My Husband took our daughter(11yo) on the Tower of Terror, I wish I had a picture of her face when she got off! It kind of looked like she was extremly constipated and someone threw a rattlesnake at her.

still makes me laugh thinking about it......

Have big fun!

MsLittlePea said...

I don't like those free fall parts either or water ones unless I'm at a water park. I love water parks.

Lindsey said...

My mom loves gnomes. Maybe I can rent the ones you saw to show up at her birthday or something.

Julie said...

Are you kidding me with the tapered jeans??

C'mon MARK!