Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm Alive! Or Vacation! Part I!

Oops. That was a bit of a haitus. Sorry about that. For those of you who worried (bah!), No, Splash Mountain did not kill me. (read: I chickened out)

Mom, Tracy, and I had fun while we were down in LA (though we didn't see Tracy much outside of the very long car ride).

We left around 12:30 a.m. on Friday. We drove through the night - where we were all a little loopy and we stopped at EVERY SINGLE REST STOP ALONG THE WAY. I think Tracy will be doing a little blogging about those conversations. hee. We got into town around 7 a.m. and dropped Tracy off at her parents'. Mom and I decided to be insane and go directly to Disneyland. ACK!

We got lost, which killed some time and then the parking situation was crap, which killed more time - which actually worked out perfectly because we got there just as the park opened. We went straight to Adventureland to check on my favorite ride (Indiana Jones) and the line was a little long, so we headed to New Orleans square to Pirates of the Carribean. They have added some really cool stuff that really ties in the movies and the ride - including a projection waterfall with Davey Jones' face (from Pirates, not Marcia Brady's crush). They also added the Jack Sparrow character and it looked REALLY GOOD.

Then we went back to Indiana Jones and then we got sidetracked by the Casey Jr. Circus Train - we had never been on it so we went - and it was really cheesie, but hey, I tried something new right? Then we went on Thunder Mountain Railroad. After that we headed over to California Adventure and went through the tortilla and sourdough bread company tours (free lunch!) and went on Soaring Over California and the River Ride (Grizzly Bear River something or other).

Then we had some (real) lunch and went to check into our hotel. This is the face of someone who may not have gotten enough sleep.

After a nap, we headed back to Disneyland to see the fireworks and have dinner. Dinner at Disneyland being one of about 300 meals we had while on vacation for two days.

See how the food helps one's demeanor?

We had pasta at Pizza Port and then watched the fireworks. We stood right in the middle of main street and we actually got to see Tinkerbell fly and OMG it's worth it to wrestle your way through the crowd of 4 million people just to watch that. It was the coolest thing EVER.

Look! People!
Afterward, we headed into Downtown Disney to listen to Drew play and to look for coconut macaroons (there were none to be found!) We stopped at Basin and then headed back to the hotel, stopping only to buy donuts. Dude, I swear, everwhere you turn in Southern California you can see a donut shop. But there are no places to buy pizza! Where the hell are your priorities people?!

Stay tuned for Day 2....


Nicole P. said...

You're back!! Oh and nice boobies in the dinner picture.

alyndabear said...

I have been missing my daily dose of Aimee! :)

YUM. Hearing about Disney and food has made me hungry AND travel-antsy. Want to go now.

Squeeeeee. Rides!

Lara said...

waaaaahhh! :( i want to go to disneyland! :(


Julie said...

I am so glad that you are finally back!

And that you had a good time.
I have never been to the Land of Disney, just the World.

Looks like fun!

L Sass said...

You and your mom look so much alike. I guess the stork didn't bring you after all...

Welcome back!!!

reformattingmybrain said...

Yeah - You're back!! Sounds like a fun trip! I would love to take my son to Disneyland. My husband is dying to go to Universal Orlando. I'll take either - but I'll gladly keep both feet planted firmly on the ground :-) Just watching rides will make me hurl.

Marianne said...

YAY! We missed you, Aimee! I'm still disappointed that you're not in Chicago! Hope you're having a great time.

Carrie said...

Welcome back Miss Aimee! You know you can see your boobies in that one picture right?

Come to Oklahoma. We have pizza on every corner and hardly any donut shops.

Cece said...

I'm so glad you had a good time!

Dude, how can you get lost from Bellflower to Anaheim? lol

I LOVE the Mission tortilla place! Nothing like a warm tortilla! And I dig CA Adventure b/c even though its a Disney park they sell BOOZE! Hehehehe

The Soarin' ride is awesome!

Ok, now I've got to plan a trip w/my kids!

JSauce said...

Apparently our pizza is at California Pizza Kitchen, or as I like to call it, CP-Krap, because they've conceptualized pizza so much that it is no longer pizza. So we got Dominos, or Papa Johns. Yum. Hope everyone is noticing the sarcasm, because I'm practically brick-laying it.

LaLa said...

Oh.. I WANT to go to Disneyland. Pirates was my favourite ride there, even back in the '80's!

I've missed you! x

Sugee Andersyn said...

Your food looks DELISH!!