Sunday, June 3, 2007

When Not At Work

Because Tracy said so, and because, well, I always listen to her. (bah!) Here is my "Celebrities! They're just like us!" photo.

(I do my own windows! I'm so down-to-earth)

The rest of our vacation (Mark and I took all last week off) included seeing two movies. We saw Pirates (ick!) and Knocked Up (cute!) We cleaned. We ate. We put up the pool!

I also did a little makeup shopping. I had no idea that MAC had it's own store. Apparently they put one in the mall about 6 weeks ago. I used to have to go to the dinky little counter in Nordstrom. But now, a WHOLE STORE. And lots of girls who wear drag queen makeup. I will say that after going to Sephora and to MAC, I'm in love with MAC and the girl who helped me (Sarah!) She was so sweet and her makeup was pretty and not at all garish, I bought this - which I LOVE.

I also went to the Lancome counter for a special makeup artist appointment that they were offering. It was kind of funny because I have really dark brows...and apparently, the girl thought I had colored them in. So she comes at me with a cotton pad saturated in something (makeup remover) and says, "I'm going to remove your brows" and I'm like, Uh! NO! (thinking: what kind of makeup artist appointment is this?!) I had no idea that she thought they were colored. I thought she was coming after me with Nair. Apparently, having dark brows is a good thing because both girls were very excited by them.

Apparently, I dodged a bullet for just a moment at MAC and made up for it at Lancome. The artist wanted to do "dramatic" and I'm like, "sure, okay, whatever." And I got dramatic. And BLUE. This will be a great look for, uh, walking the dog or making dinner, I'm sure. I do LOVE the silver under my eyes though. LOVE.


And now vacation is officially coming to an end. I'm going back to work with a positive mindset and I hope that it will last longer than a day or two. (keep your fingers crossed). Tomorrow I am on the road, going to a breakfast meeting and site visit, which is a nice transition back to the grind - even if it does involve 4 hours of driving. ::sigh::

I mentioned in the last post (or two) that I joined a running club (also because Tracy told me to!) I'm really excited about. I keep checking my email to see if the trainer sent out the schedule yet and I have plans to start training tomorrow. (and including Mark and Chance in my run). I have to remind Mark to learn how my new watch works so he can show me (and so it will stop beeping already!!)

This running club came at a good time. I've been feeling like I need a hobby. Like I'm not doing anything that is just because I enjoy it. I'm really liking spending more time with Tracy and B too. The three of us are usually super-busy, and this will make it easier for us to hang out. So with all this excitement - and the growing anticipation of a camping trip with them (and our respective boy toys) - I'm looking forward to a fabulous summer.


Horrible Warning said...

Bah!! I just love how you still have your sunglasses on your head after dark. Tres chic.

I swear, I wasn't stalking, just waiting for you to obey, LOL. I was adding your new link to my page because Gawd I was outdated!!

So now my reader will be able to find you, LOL.

alyndabear said...

I'm trying so hard to keep at running but it just isn't coming easily to me. *sniff* I love the eye makeup, now if only I a) owned some myself and b) knew how to apply it, I would make mine look just like yours!

And as a paley with equally pale eyebrows, I am jealous of your perfectly filled in eyebrows!

Julie said...

I am such a bad runner.
I get really bad shin splints. And I have no endurance anymore... BOO.

Oh and I have really dark brows also.
Which is probably a good thing, because otherwise I would have let my stylist make me blonde by now lol.

Cece said...

My sister keeps trying to get me to the MAC store but I'm afraid of what I'll walk out spending!

I love the natural eyebrows!

Carrie said...

Good for you for joining a running team. I couldn't do it but then again I have a long way to go.

Marianne said...

I think your eyes look very pretty!

L Sass said...

That blue actually would totally rock in a dark bar. Seriously. It's just not meant for the average light of day!

As a blondie with NO eyebrows, rest assured--dark eyebrows are worth getting excited about. Congratulations.

Lindsey said...

LMAO...I love the "celebrities pic" That is so something I would do.

Okay this is my idea. We get our friends to walk with us like they are our entourage and then people will think we're famous! I dare you.

LaLa said...

You like teh HAWTNESS.

I am loving the makeup, I so should have become a makeup artiste!

Aly, I can do your makeup!

B. Good said...

Ok, I LOVE the pool. The canopy is AWESOME!

And I LOVE that eyeshadow! The color is SO pretty......ummmm, I might be jackin--err, uhh, "sharing" it with you. :)

Glad you had a swell vacation, and was able to clear your mind. I had no idea thats what vacations did for you. Had I known, I'da gone more often!!

And yay Summer!!

Sugee Andersyn said...

lol i like your celebrity pic. pretty funny :)