Saturday, June 2, 2007

Vacation Part II

I'm back! I only have one more day left of vacation, and I'm very very sad about this. I'm also very very tired from doing the "pace run" at the running group meeting this morning. I think I need another nap. But first! More pics from Southern California.

I have no photos from Saturday. Saturday does not exist. Saturday was a very long day full of driving. Driving sucks. Wait! There are pics. I lied. And we're eating!

After eating breakfast at Ruby's at Huntington Pier, and watching a guy stand on a surfboard and paddle his way out to sea (very strange! He was wearing normal clothes, not even a wetsuit or anything)...we went shopping. We drove in to Santa Monica and over to Hollywood and LA and West Hollywood. We searched for parking, we bought very little and then (because I hate freeways!) we proceeded to drive home via the Pacific Coast Highway, all the way from Santa Monica! It was almost a two hour drive. But it was more tolerable than the freeway that day.

Sunday wad fun though. We had breakfast (yeah more food!) and then we went to Huntington Beach and shopped. And then we rented beach cruisers and rode those.

(I do not recommend enlarging this photo, as it is entirely possibly that my boobs will leap from the screen and devour you whole!)

I need a beach cruiser now. SO MUCH FUN!

We spent the rest of our time laying on the beach, getting burned. woohoo! And then we picked up Tracy and drove home. I talked to Mark around 9:30 and he said, "you have 100 miles left? I'll see you at midnight!" and I'm like, "uh, 100 miles, 90 miles per hour, uh the math for that one just doesn't add up" I'd like to also add that I tried to stay right around 85...and every time the speedometer hit 90, my mom would make the "eek" noise from the backseat. Good times.


LaLa said...

Nick rack! I think your boosies look fabulous!

I had a think about what lipsticks I wear and usually I stick to lipglosses... right now I am into Lancome Juicy Tubes in raisin and Myrtille. I love red lipsticks, like this. That site is fantastic, so cheap! (Just change it into $US)

Lara said...

*sniff, sniff* it's my home turf! i miss it! waaaaah! :(

all your HB posts make me homesick...

alyndabear said...

Sexy Aimee! ;) You look SMOKING!

Blondie said...

Ah, vacation. I'm so glad you are having one. They are such a nice soul retreat.

Jenny said...

I'm writing from inside your boob. Send help.

PS. You're totally hot.

Horrible Warning said...

Aimee's rack is somewhat mesmerizing. She didn't even tell the story about how she made a guy walk into something at the supermarket with them (was it a food rack or his girlfriend? Who remembers?).

She also did not post the "celebrities are just like us" photo I took of her washing the windshield in Firebaugh. Hott!!

Marianne said...

Aimee... You are GORGEOUS, my friend! You look all fit and tan and sassy in that last picture. I hope you had a great va-cay!

Julie said...

Holy Boobies batman is right!
Those beach cruisers look like so much fun. I love that teal color.

Glad you're back.

Carrie said...

You are looking really great. Love the top.

L Sass said...

BOOBS! Strap those babies in when you're on a wheeled vehicle, please.

(Although it may be a confusing metaphor, let's start referring to "boobs" as "sausages." That way we can look at pictures like these and say "Those sneaky sausages!")

Lindsey said...

damn it aimee! I enlarged the pic before I read the disclaimer and I thought, damn that chick's got a nice rack!

Aimee, you seriously look amazing!!! omigod, you look so thin, healthy and hot!

Yeah, so what if i'm TOTALLY hitting on you.

B. Good said...

OMG, this made me miss home. *sniff*

I miss the beach!! Hmmm, but seeing as how I live on an "island", I suppose I could visit the beaches out here. Yeah, ok, fine.

Go beach crusiers!!

Sugee Andersyn said...

You sure look GREAT in that top! I also love the pic of you and your mom in the booth seat. It's a nice clean pic. Are you two Italian?