Friday, July 6, 2007

Don't Make Me Tell You Twice

That's what Mark hollered at me from the batter's box last night. Right after he hit a ball into the stands and hit the seat next to me (and my leg!) He is fired.

You know what you get when that happens? You lose the game. That's what!


I'm a little bummed that I can't hook up my camera at work. I brought it because I wanted to post a photo today and didn't have time (or energy) last night to post it. So I plug in the cable thingy (very technical) and my computer goes haywire and says I can't access it because I'm not allowed to and to contact my administrator. (like that's gonna happen).

So I sigh and unplug it and put it away. THEN! My machine - it goes KERFLOOOOWIE!
No network. No email. No internets. No group drives. No person drive.
Um, nothing.

THEN! NO KEYBOARD. What the hell?

So I call the help desk and eventually everything is back up and running.

But the photo - not able to post it. And I know all you Monday-Friday blog readers...I won't be able to get your opinions on the dress I bought to wear to a wedding tomorrow. ::sad:: I have recruited a friend with horrible internet. (grr) to review the photos later, however, so I can make a decision. Because you know, I can't pick out an outfit without you all! hehe.


I've been out of sorts the last couple of days. Not feeling well. Was up most of the night of the 4th (and not just because the neighbors were lighting off fireworks till 2:30 AM!) and almost decided to chance a giant emergency room line to wait for some sort of relief from whatever was trying to kill me. Instead, I stayed awake. And whined. And cried. And I might have woken up Mark just so I wouldn't be awake alone. I told him it was because I wanted him to know I didn't feel well in case I died in my sleep. I'm such an optimist.

I'm feeling MUCH better today though. And hopefully I'll have the energy to hit the gym tonight! Yippee! We've got a wedding to go to tomorrow and I'm doing a girl's day with J on Sunday. So hopefully I'll have something fun to write about for Monday. Have a great weekend!


Carrie said...

I'll try to remember and check it tonight. I'm bad about the weekend and the blogs.

What was wrong with you? I knew something was up because you haven't been around.

Aimee said...

I don't know what was wrong with me. I had like a tightening in my chest and then PAIN. HORRIBLE PAIN through my ribcage and across my back. It was NOT fun. :(

Lindsey said...

I tried to get to the pics asap. I was out of town yesterday and today so I'm slow. Have a great time at the wedding.

Humor Girl said...

Lol... he's totally fired!

Anonymous said...

marie c sterna Have a great weekend