Thursday, July 5, 2007

I've Been Validated!

The beautiful Aly presented me with this!

And now, I get to award it to FIVE others! Yeah!
These girls totally rock (and the rest of you rock too - I think a lot of you already received this honor!)

Nicole P. of Hicktastic fame - My blogging BFF and fellow lollipop-head wannabe. She's amazing and she's brave (I mean, packing up and starting a new life? With corn? And cows? BRAVE!)

Marianne of My Left Nerve - She's hilarious! And she's pretty! and also, her blog is centered around her cats! We're like, soulmates.

Lindsey of Randy's Revelations - Lindsey is like my long lost blog twin. We heart the same things and loathe the same things. She even sends "snail mail" cards! I heart her.

Tracy of A Horrible Warning - One of the few bloggers that I know as a REAL GIRL. hehe. She's a great friend and WAY FUN. Besides, I can always say I knew her when.

JSauce of Gimme My Tiara - She's mysterious. She's hysterical! She has a potty-mouth! What's not to love!

You girls rock (all of you!) Go out and share the lurve!


Marianne said...

Aimee... Will you please come out to Chicago? We so need to hang! Bring Chance too! He can play with Big Brutus!

alyndabear said...

I'm so glad that you picked some of the lovely ladies I ran out of room for. Woohoo! *high fives*

Humor Girl said...

You've got two!! More reading for me!! :)

Horrible Warning said... sweet!! Thanks, Aims!!

Lara said...

rock on, rockstar! i love your blog. :)

Carrie said...

Congratulations! You rawk!

JSauce said...

Thanks!!!! You have no idea how much I needed that...more about that on my blog later. I suppose that means I'll have to get off my ass and you know, write and stuff.

Lindsey said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOT Thanks chicky!!! You rock!!!HEART YOU!