Thursday, July 12, 2007

Karaoke is the New Gameshow

So, apparently the latest craze in gameshows is singing. And lyrics. After LOVING the Singing Bee on Tuesday night, I stayed tuned (after So You Think You Can Dance) (speaking of which, OMG I'm loving Kameron and Lacy...they were so awesome. And Kameron looks like Jess from Gilmore Girls, which tickles me. hehe) oh, so where was I? Oh yeah.

I watched the next new gameshow...Don't Forget the Lyrics (or something like that). Basically it's like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. One contestant has to correctly sing the lyrics to like 10 different songs and as they finish one song they get money and they can choose to go on or to quit. They get to choose the genre (pop, divas, classic rock, etc) and then they get to pick between two songs that come up in that category. There are lifelines (er, Backups! Like the singers! awwww.)

Did I mention that they make them sing like almost a minute of the song and then cut the music and they finish the lyrics? So you have to listen to them sing? ACK! The contestant last night was ADORABLE. She was a cross between (the not crazy) Katie Holmes and Natalie Portman. However, she likes bugs and said she'd buy a microscope and the biggest ant farm she could buy with $25,000. (I told Mark we should adopt her and let her play in our backyard since there are a frillion ants out there feasting on Chance's dog food.)

But yeah, did I mention that she CAN'T SING FOR CRAP? OMG It's HORRIBLE. But she does this "on the good ship lollipop" sway/dance while she sings and she's so cute....I just felt embarrassed for her. Mark says, "it's all about having fun! And she's having fun!" I called bullsh*t on that one, pointing out that if we were at karaoke and someone sang like her he'd be making fun of her just as much as I would. He tried to hide a smile - and then agreed.

I think the show would be better if there was more than one contestant - only because listening to one persons squeaky voice for an entire 30 minutes could totally grate on one's nerves. And Wayne Brady was kind of funny - but he didn't do the bye bye bye dance. ::sigh::


Also, what type of person thinks that 4:10 a.m. is a GREAT time for setting off firecrackers? Apparently one of my neighbors. But seriously, it was Wednesday. Not even the weekend. And 4:10 is like a time when most people are asleep. Like, no one gets up that early...and if you've been partying all night - well, you've usually passed out by 4:00 a.m. wouldn't you think?


L Sass said...

This also sounds amazing!! I have been woefully uninformed about wonderful TV options since I blew out the speakers on my stylish 13" TV / VCR combo. I need to check this shizz out!

Carrie said...

Man, you are a junky when it comes to reality tv and stuff.

I can't stand to hear people sing that aren't professional. Plus I can't stand mean people so I can't watch these shows. But it being a game show, now that kinda makes it interesting.

You know what I would have done? (about the fireworks) When I got up for work, I would have set some off. Wait, I said I can't stand mean people. I need to stop contridicting myself. lol

B. Good said...

Yes, 4am is when I usually pass out, so your neighbors are wrong, wrong, wrong. *ahem*

I haven't had the pleasure of watching "Don't Forget The Lyrics" (as I'm in class ALL night), but I caught the end of "The Singing Bee", which, from what it sounds like, is the same damn show. Ummm, maybe if I catch a whole episode it'll grow on me more. In the meantime, I'm still mad that I miss SYTYCD (YES, I'm the only person in America without Tivo or a DVR......besides my mom......and my grand--oh wait, no, they have one too, I'M SO LAME!)

alyndabear said...

Not two US reality TV teaser posts in two days, right? :( *sniffs*

I love Wayne Brady.

slinger said...

The wife was watching Singing Bee, and I had to the contestants get prepped on possible songs to be played, so they can stduy them? Some of those songs were like 30 years old, and I for one would have had no idea what the lyrics were.

Also, what is the exact quantity of "a frillion" ?? :o)