Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Guilty Pleasure

Did anyone else watch the new game show The Singing Bee? Are you too ashamed to admit that you did in fact sit and watch it for the full 30 minutes? Stand up and be proud! This show is GREAT FUN!

The Major pluses include:

The ever adorable Joey Fatone! I just wanna squeeze him. ::squeeeeeze::

The dorky contestants!

The "can't carry a tune in a bucket"-ness of it all!

The horrible "Bee Dancers" who remind me much of my two friends and I in fourth grade. We were the All American Girls and we would choreograph "dances" and "routines" and we would dress up and paint flags on our faces and "perform" for the 3rd graders just because we wanted to.

The fact that while I can't remember anything from my Geometry or History classes, I can remember every word to Paula Abdul's "Straight Up" (and yes, I got a LOOK for knowing that one)

Also, Joey did the "bye bye bye" dance. (which Mark secretly does too - only it's not a secret anymore - and he totally reads this blog or else I'd tell you not to mention it).



Carrie said...

I've never heard of it. But Joey? Awww. I taught my nephew to do the bye, bye, bye dance. I'm a dork. Just like Mark.

And I also was in a group. We were "Chemical Reaction". I managed to nab that one from science class.

L Sass said...

I kept seeing previews for that show while I was watching Access Hollywood on the treadmill last night. It looked AWESOME.

Also, I definitely made up a dance "group" with three other girls.

At a party.

Like six months ago.

Angela said...

I've been meaning to TiVo it but I keep forgetting. Now I just MUST.

Lindsey said...

I missed it, but I saw the previews! I really wanted to see it! Damn it! My parents just got into town so I was hanging out with them. I blame them.

alyndabear said...

*pretends to have an American TV so she can watch all the cool shows too* ;)

Humor Girl said...


Best joey impression.

Will shut up now.

Lara said...

"bee dancers"?

that's awful.

For the Love... said...

We watched it with the kids..they loved it, I had a drink.

Didn't you LOVE how they all had "moves"! It was almost like watching those first few episodes of Idol when the sucky/crazy people are on. I will watch again just to see the next crop of contestants.

Julie said...

When is this show on??

heidikins said...

Hm, I don't actually watch TV, but if I did this would be on my list - hilarious!


B. Good said...

Ok, so I commented on the last post before reading this one. Guess that'll teach me to read 'em out of order, lol.

slinger said...

b.good: I did the exact same thing.