Sunday, July 29, 2007

Le Sigh

Le Sigh

That's french for "what a long weekend!"

Most of the weekend wasn't funny, but let's not focus on that, let's focus on the funny. We went to the engagement party, and I managed to have a pretty good time. I really like Mark's cousin's wife S and their baby is the CUTEST. Seriously. And I'm not one to think a baby is cute just because it's a baby. But he is ADORABLE. (even Mark liked him. lol)

So I spent some time with her and with Mark's grandparents mostly. It was nice to visit, because I haven't seen most of them since Christmas. (Mark's aunt noticed that I'd lost weight too, which was awesome!)

The funny came in the form of his cousin's friend's wife, DG. She is, um, for lack of a better word, DUMB. A year ago (right before her wedding) we spent some time together sunning ourselves on the front of the boat...she said she needed a tan for her wedding dress. And I said, "oh! it's a halter dress?" (I happen to LOVE the halter thing - and her suit was halter, so I just assumed). She looked at me (dumbly) and said, "no, it's strapless" And I gave her a look like, "duh" and she gave me a look that was like ::blank:: and I said, "Well, aren't you worried about tan lines?" OH! Hello!

So, anyway, at the party, the bride-to-be and a lot of the guests were playing volleyball (there were about 30 people there in total and 18 of them were playing volleyball). So the bride-to-be came over and asked DG if she would take some pictures and handed her the camera. So DG opens up the camera and wanders off to take pictures of things. She took a picture of the sign and a picture of some guests. Then she came back to me and sat down. She said, "what else should I take pictures of?" It was my turn to give my patented "duh" look and say, "um, I think she wanted you to take pictures of everyone playing volleyball." ::light goes on::

Very silly.


Thank you all again for your well wishes for Mark's grandmother. We spent several hours in the hospital this weekend and the last we heard she does in fact have lymphoma. They are doing tests to find out what type of lymphoma so they can figure out the best way to treat it, and she's still in Intensive Care. Please keep her in your thoughts.


For the Love... said...

"Le Sigh"


Carrie said...

I'm loving the whole more f*ing weddings theme.

heidikins said...

Hahaha! That's hilarious... absolutely hilarious!


Marianne said...

Dude... I will totally send good thoughts you and Mark and his family's way... Poor Grandma.

I love your wedding stories. It makes me gladder and gladder that I didn't subject anyone to that shite! ;-)

Cece said...

I love dumb girls. lol They're so fun to fuck with!

L Sass said...

Dumb people are really special!

Mark's grandma is in my thoughts.

Lindsey said...

Wow that totally cracked me up. Hilarious!

alyndabear said...

Oh, I know the Le Sigh feeling too well. In fact, I think I've used that same expression on a few occasions.

Hoping you're well. I miss you! xo

Lara said...

i tagged you for a meme! hope you play along. :)

Blondie said...

I am laughing out loud at the "More f*cking Weddings" tag. LOVE IT.

Sarah said...

Hi Aimee! :) I hope everything turns out okay with Mark's grandma. That is too scary. :(

In other news, I was in a wedding a couple weeks ago, and got to rock an awesome halter dress. And now I'm rocking an awesome halter tan!

Anonymous said...


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