Thursday, July 26, 2007

So Tired

It was a long day today. I worked on a project where the information that I was putting together was going to go up to the mucky mucks and frankly it was a series of voicemail messages and waiting. But, eventually it got done and I got a nice message from the boss's boss's boss (woo!) So that was nice. (OMG people who appreciate your work!)

I almost forwarded Mark an email today. But, it was too mean. AND I don't know how much they monitor our email, etc. and frankly I don't care if they know exactly what nicknames Mark and I call each other or if they know exactly what we're having for dinner...but I didn't want them to see it and think I'm mean. Because, I'm totally not. ::cough::

This woman sent out an email to our whole Department (read: a frillion people - every last one of us!) and basically it was a "hey, I'm leaving, but it was nice working for you" And she added a photo of herself and a note that said, "I thought you might want to put a face with the voice/name" BUT OMG! I don't want to put that face anywhere! Except away from me. Pronto! No, seriously. She had a mustache. And eyebrows that looked like mustaches. And...yeah. It was sad. Yet, kind of funny. And definitely frightening.

But, alas, I deleted the email before I could forward it on. Because I am sort of nice. Okay, not really. Shuddup.

I had several mean thoughts last night too. But I blame the alcohol. Devann and I headed to happy hour last night after work - and before book club. We went to a bar that I had been to once and she hadn't been to. It was FABULOUS. Can you say $1.50 well drinks? Seriously! And the bartender, she was completely adorable and funny. So that was refreshing. It's a really small place and everyone seemed to know each other - or came in it was very laid back and fun.

Tonight, I'm working on FOUR loads of laundry. WTF? I swear I haven't been totally lazy this week, but the laundry, it is sneaking up on me. I have to get it done in the next hour though because it's softball night. The last game of the league. AND Mark is pitching, so I can't miss it. I love me some softball boy.

AND in that hour, I have to check all your blogs and see what you crazy chicas are up to. I'm guessing it's probably no good, as usual. HEART!


Marianne said...

Good luck to Mark and his softball team. I meant to ask you, Aimee - do they play with a standard softball in California? Chicago's co-ed leagues have 16-inch softball. I think it makes us kinda freaky, but it's fun!

Have a good one!

Angela said...

Ooh, yikes. That's a tough one. I would have wanted to forward that sucker too, but yeah, I would worry that people would think I'm mean. Blogging about it is a completely different story though. We seem to have no shame here!

Nicole P. said...

I love you and your meanness!! I love that you had to delete the 'stache picture so you wouldn't be tempted to forward it. God we are so alike sometimes it scares me.

MsLittlePea said...

Am I a jerk because I was a little disappointed you didn't post a picture of mustache girl?

slinger said...

Damn, I have, what I think, bushy eyebrows, now I will have to make sure they don't equal my gaot-tee for fear of being made fun of!

And you said you had to check out what all the crazy chicas were up to... am I the only male blogger you are linked to? (i am too lazy to check out all of your blogroll, so I tookt he easy way out.)

Carrie said...

What do you call each other? I can't believe you left that out.

JSauce said...

Meh - I'm totally using the HP7 release as an excuse for blog hiatis, because this week I'm even later than usual. I actually finished it on Tuesday. But no one really needs to know, right???

Horribe Warning said...

All I saw was $1.50 well drinks. When I get back from LA, you, me and Bree (heh, I'm all poety and shit) are so.there.

Sarah said...

There was this lady I used to work with who had a mustache. And she was pretty much short and plump too. She also would whip out her little pocket mirror and re-apply her bright pink lipstick about 7,000 times a night.

One time someone told me she whipped out her mirror and a little comb, and actually combed her mustache.

I didn't believe them, but the idea is pretty much hilarious.

Anyway, I'm wondering if this is the same woman, since she moved away a few years ago!

Lindsey said...

You are a crazy woman--and I thought I was busy!

Let's face it, being mean and catty is what we do best. To bad you can't put that on a resume.

L Sass said...

I cannot believe ugly lady sent a photo to the entire department. Like, "Yes, me, the one who you nod at when you get your second cup of coffee?"

I think goodbye emails copied to EVERYONE are obnoxious. Just say it personally to the people who count. Come on now.

Anonymous said...

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