Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Mundane Details

How much do I love the fact that you all agree with that whole "it sucks to train someone new!" thing?! TOO MUCH!

I lucked out on Monday and did not end up training. However, they did schedule the new person to sit with me at 10 a.m. - the exact time I planned to take a break to walk to the farmer's market. GODDAMMIT!

The new person is nice. I showed her some things - like how I set up my files and what's in most of them. Then I started described some of the processes, only to find out that while my coworker did put the processes in a binder all ready for her to review...and our boss decided not to give it to her yet because she's not "ready." Um, yeah. THIS is why I'm leaving! ACK!

So, then I basically let her in on some insider tips. I told her which counties were my problem children and any special info about some of the others. I have developed a friendly relationship with one of the contacts for a county that tends to have a TON of issues and is very vocal in trying to get EXACTLY what they want. I think if i had stuck to a "very professional" relationship with her, I would have had a harder time doing my job.

But, since the new girl is nice, I figured I'd let her in on my secrets. ha! The compliment that I received from several of my counties was that I was more of a buffer or a "voice of reason" when it came to the relationship between the county and the state. So, I thought that was cool.

I did end up going to my own training today. My boss was nice enough to let me use the afternoon to attend a training class at my new job. I didn't understand much. Mostly the only words I understood were Fiscal Year and Budget. Everything else was acronyms and code sections and yeah, I wanted so badly to just GOOGLE anything to figure out what they're talking about.

AND, because this blog has taken a bad turn into the mundane - let me share a little project I've been wanting to start...and finish.

The before:

Mom is helping (read: doing all the work) - and that's a pencil in her hand. She's not smoking.

But Aimee?! Where is all the stuff that was IN your closet?

No worries!


My apologies.


Julie said...


I love the closet organizers.

Looks like someone was busy while I was in FL!

L Sass said...

Your closet is gorgeous. I wish my mom and I lived closer so that we could do projects like that together.

Did they talk about "amortization" in your training! To me, that is the weirdest budgeting word of all!

Marianne said...

Holy organization, Batman! Looks awesome. You know, some people pay good money for California Closets or The Container Store to do that for them... A freelance career, Ms. Aimee?

Carrie said...

I can't do an organizer because my closet is deep instead of wide. Shucks! Looks good.

daily tragedies said...

Oooh, fancy new closet! Very nice.

Lindsey said...

Your closet looks so awesome! I need to do that to my closet! Want to do it for me?