Saturday, August 11, 2007

Good Stuff

I'm glad to hear that most of you other interneters are also nuts. I feel so much better. :P My mom reminded me that I also did not like getting rid of stuffed animals (donating them) because they couldn't breath inside the bags. I think it had more to do with those pitiful faces they'd make when I put them in the bag. But that's a whole other story.

So far, the weekend has been really good. I've been pooped all week so I 've definitely caught up on my sleep. Last night was bunco and I was the biggest loser, which still got me a prize. (yeah!) Today, Mark and I went to visit his grandma at the hospital. She's doing so much better...they ended up moving her to a convalescent home. She's hoping the food is better.

We visited with her on Thursday and she was watching some public television show with country music...and she was so perky (everyone blames the morphine). She was waving her arms and "dancing" in her bed. On Friday, she got up and walked a little.

Random side note, I'm watching that horrible game show "Without Prejudice" and it's killing me. I know people are stupid, but I can't believe that people would put themselves on television and actually spew their ignorance for all the world to see. ACK!

I'm supposed to be cleaning the house. Well, I'm not "supposed" to be, but I planned to. We were out and about all day, and now Mark is at a party. A very strange party, but a party just the same. In theory, it's a cute idea. Well, part of it. He's at a "groom's party" for his cousin. His cousin's fiance says, "I got a bridal shower, why shouldn't the groom have a party?" So she planned a surprise party for the groom...and invited his friends with the instructions to "bring the groom a pair of boxer shorts." I like the idea of a groom's party and it's a nice idea. But, if I were a guy, I'm not sure what I'd think about my friends showering me with underwear. hehe.

Anyway, I better go and get something done. Tomorrow we're spending the afternoon kayaking again! :)


Lindsey said...

Yeah the whole boxer shorts is a

Look, I'm not homophobe or anything. I'm all about gayness. I love gay.

But seriously, that's kind of gay.

alyndabear said...

I want to go kayaking.

Take me with you!

L Sass said...

I think the idea of receiving lingere / underwear from female friends at a bridal shower is also sort of creepy. I just don't want other people selecting items that go so near my crotch.

Carrie said...

Oh yeah that is gay. I was just reading yesterday about internet etiquette and it was saying that men should not ever use emoticons when speaking to other guys unless they like the other guy A LOT. lol

I'm glad she is doing better and I totally read that you said you were pooping all week. lol

Mark said...

It's not hard to pick out a pair. You go for the pair that you know you would never want anyone to ever see you in and say. PERFECT!

The hard part is taking your girlfriend because she wanted to parooze with you and comment on which pairs we think my cousin will like while you are 2 isles away and 3 other guys between you. That just reeks of Gayfactor 10!

Carrie said...

Mark-You are too funny. So when you starting that blog?

Marianne said...

Aimee - is anyone else having problems accessing your blog? It shuts my browser down about half the time. Stupid interweb.

Anyhoo - I'm going with the consensus: I wouldn't buy anyone but The Targo underwear. call me crazy.

Anonymous said...

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