Friday, August 17, 2007

What Kind of Business You In?

for the record, I'm kind of in agreement with the bulk of you. Buying underwear as a guy for another guy, is weird. But, getting lingerie/underwear from anyone as a girl is a-okay. :) But then, I've been known to host porn parties that involve discussions of anal bead rip cords. So, yeah.

Boy, is my site-meter going to go INSANE.

But, that's not why I'm writing. I've been discriminated against (I feel like Eminem). Apparently, because I joined a gym that is not in the best area of town. I haven't had a problem with that - but apparently, that means we're all deadbeats. At least, that's how I was treated today.

My gym is notorious for being just as lame as it's location. They have not billed me and then when I contacted them to pay them, they've told me that I'm not behind or they've failed to return my calls. So, two months ago, they stopped billing me again. I figured I'd take care of it the next time I went in, but frankly, I haven't really been. (ha!)

So this week I went in...and then today I went in again. And apparently, the owner was there and he recognized "my name" but didn't want to "confront" me. So he called, and acted like a jackass. He started off with, I know you haven't paid in 6 months because you canceled your membership - my bank records show that. So I laughed and said, "I have no idea why it would show I canceled and I have bank records to show that you did, in fact, take money out of my account for at least 4 of the months you say I was canceled"

He was a little nicer after that - and explained that the people he hired to do billing were apparently not flagging accounts that hadn't paid - instead they would just delete the account (excellent bookkeepers!) So anyway, I offered to fax him my bank statements showing that I'd paid. But, apparently, I sound honest or something because he said that it wasn't necessary. We worked it out and I paid the two months that I still owed, so not a big deal.

BUT, isn't an "undesirable" customer better than no customer? It's no wonder you can't find honest people to work for you or that you can't stay on top of your business. He needs people skills, I think.

Oh and a shout-out to Laurel, who recommended ING to all of us in blog land. I got a bonus for opening a savings account and I'm already loving it. Yeah!!


For the Love... said...

I had an internet provider like that...uffffff.

L Sass said...

Yay for ING!

Also, you are such a gym thief! I wouldn't want to confront a criminal like you, either.

B. Good said...

Yes, I'm all about ING. Glad you're on board!

slinger said...

Funny thing is, I searched on "anal beads" and found you!

Carrie said...

You said anal beads. lol