Thursday, September 27, 2007

Boy to the Rescue!

Boys sure are nice to have around. Sometimes they are very nice (like bringing pretty pretty flowers along with the groceries, just because). Sometimes they are handy.

Like yesterday, for example.

For the last week or so, the cats have been acting weird. (you know, for cats). One night they were sitting in the kitchen, staring at the stove. Another day, they were both sitting in the living room, staring at the corner. (they were on time out?) So, I figured we might have a mouse. But I never saw anything.

So, I wasn't surprised when, last night, while laying on the bed with Mark and doing sudoku, my mom yelled, 'There's a mouse in my window!' (yes, window) And I'm like, huh? and Mark barely looks up, because he is in a nighttime cold medicine daze.

So she says it again, and we both jump up. I watch from our bed (I'm not stupid, I'm not going to see a mouse!) and Mark grabs the vacuum (this is our preferred method of removing small critters from spaces they aren't supposed to be (see: car lizard 2005). So my mom is dancing is around saying, "now it's climbing the screen!" and I'm getting more curious. So I go in there.

But the mouse is gone. Apparently, it had fallen, and then hid in this organizer thing that mom has on her has a little drawer with computer paper in it. So Mark is moving all 400 knickknacks from the top of this thing (we have no idea that he has seen we're dancing around like the mouse is going to come barreling out from behind something at any moment. I even go so far as to get Clyde and set him on the ground with strict instructions to "find them mousey!" This does not work, and Clyde darts from the room, and from the watchful eye of that vacuum cleaner.)

So, Mark grabs the organizer and my mom is trying to help him hold it, (still not knowing that the mouse is in it) and so Mark says, "it's in there" and she jumps back. (she's FAST!) Mark takes the drawer outside and now mom wants to see (I stay inside and watch through the screen. I'm no dummy.) And the little guy RUNS out and into the rose bush garden in the front yard (I guess he can play with my cat friends!)

Never a dull moment, I tell ya!


L Sass said...

So, when Mark took the mouse outside... was he in his undies? Cause you know we love it when Mark leaves the house half-nakie.

*~*Cece*~* said...

So what is it exactly that makes us afraid of a mouse??

Nicole P. said...

I'm glad the cats didn't get the mouse. I can't stand seeing the cats here catch a mouse or bird and then play with it and it dies, pretending to let it get away only to catch it again.


Nicole P. said...

they play with it "as" it dies not "and" it dies (though that is the ultimate result)

double blick.

B. Good said...

Awww, you (Mark) set Mickey free. How cute. Yes, Thank goodness for boys, cuz if it were left up to us, we'd be doing the mouse dance for days, lol.