Friday, September 28, 2007

Can We Talk About Halloween NOW?!

Okay, so like a month ago, I started talking about Halloween. And yes, I've been driving Mark crazy with "suggestions" for cute costumes. We've been all over the board. Some of my suggestions include:

Gilligan and Mary Anne
A bee keeper and a bee
A pest control guy and a spider
Beauty and the Geek (bah!)
Stacey and Clinton (I'm still rooting for this one, but it's not going to happen)
Characters from: South Park, that 70s show, and Drew Carey and Mimi
Brick layer and a brickhouse (ow!)
Dirk Diggler and Rollergirl (another personal favorite)
Boy/Girl scout

This weekend we're going to go to a costume rental shop and see if we can find anything interesting. Maybe we'll find some good ideas.

We're not the only ones thinking about costumes either. When I talked to Tracy, she mentioned that while she is planning to go, she does not yet have any costume ideas other than the decision that cleavage will be the major focal point. (amen sister).

Mark's friend C and his wife D are (hopefully) going to go out with us too. And D has been doing the same thing to C that I'm doing to Mark. Helpfully suggesting costume ideas. My favorite part of that is C's reaction to one idea.

D: "how about Wednesday Adams and Uncle Fester"

C: "No way. I can't make out with my niece! That's incest!"

Um, nevermind the whole bald, fat, black eyed, sucking on a light bulb...just imagine the fake familial relationship! hehe. That just struck me as something that I wouldn't expect a guy to think. I guess even men can surprise you sometimes, huh?

So, what's the deal, yo? Are y'all going out for Halloween? What are you planning to be?


B. Good said...

I love the bee/bee keeper and boy/girl scout ideas.

I have NO plans for halloween. Last year I was Gwen Stefani/ska girl (last minute costume idea that worked out pretty well, if I say so myself). But ummm, my creative juices just AREN'T flowing yet. I guess I'm a last minute kinda costumer.

And a big LOL to the guy saying he didn't wanna make out with his niece. No, I totally didn't expect a guy to think that way about it. Ha!

L Sass said...

I like the scouts, too! So cute!

Have I told you that I REALLY REALLY REALLY want me to be "Old" (hot) Britney and AS to be "New" (f'ed up) Britney? I'm not sure if he'll have the cajones to go through with it...

CrazyBunnyLady said...

How about a bunny and a top hat?

Angela said...

We'll probably just be hanging at our house like a couple of old fogies giving candy out to trick-or-treaters. We are crazy, I tell you.

janet said...

I might have to steal your beauty and the geek idea!!