Monday, September 17, 2007


Thank BEEJEZUS that today is OVER! The started out good. A VERY early morning call from my coworker who is out on maternity leave, awaiting the arrival of her baby girl. She was supposed to call me this morning so we could work on a project that she wasn't able to finish before she left. I answered the phone and said, "what are you doing awake so early?!" and she said she hasn't been getting much sleep because she had the BABY! Yeah! A little cutie, I'm sure, weighing just 6 lbs 10 ounces. Her name is Aubrey.

So, I made the mistake of thinking I was going to have a good day. I was training our new person (who is my friend, Sheila!), during which I managed to totally f* up an excel spreadsheet that is used by, oh, EVERYONE, and that is the main document that produces a number that everyone is supposed to strive to match all of their OTHER paperwork to. Please kill me.

Top that off with a call from my dad that was totally annoying and that is really making me rethink this whole buying my house thing. (I'm on title, but the mortgage loan is in his name until I decide to take it over - which really hinges on that whole marriage thing - and yeah, frankly, I'm very whatever about the house buying at this point).

I came home and took a two hour nap in my polar fleece reindeer pajamas. I got up and made cookies to take to my coworkers, who were actually very nice considering that the latest version of the spreadsheet was from Friday afternoon - and many of them came in Saturday to work. So all that is LOST. ::sigh::

I think cookies might help.

Just so we don't end on a crappy note (no need to bring you down!)
Look! Baby animals from the State fair!

cute little moo! I want to snuggle with him!

Mommy and baby (awww!)
shy baby

this little sleepyhead was just too cute

Three little pigs

Don't you feel so much better now?!


alyndabear said...

Squee! Baby animals make everything seem better.

Hugs to you - hopefully the craptastic day is DONE now and tomorrow will be much, much better.

Love love love! xo

B. Good said...

Oops!! Well, cookies should definitely make everything alright. Bring in the pics of the baby animals too. No way they can stay irked at you!

Jenny said...

The sleeping goat! I just want to put him in my dress and snuggle him into work.

He can sleep under my desk and I'll name him Cletus Hoovenpecker.

We're gonna be so happy together.

PS. The last comment you left on my blog endeared you to me forever.

L Sass said...

I don't think snuggling with farm animals would buy you much affection from your coworkers. Just a thought.

Julie said...

I am having one of those bad days today!


Marianne said...

Don't cookies make everything better?

*~*Cece*~* said...

Farm animals are SO much cuter when I don't have to smell them in person! hehehe