Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In His Tighty Reddies

The other night started out like any other night. (holy crap that's a horrible sentence, but, alas, it fills the void that is my neglected blog..so it stays!) before bed, I began my nightly ritual of "Channy, go potty for nonies!" and was looking forward to the moment where I check the front and back doors at least 3 times each, in the correct order, and then can head off to bed (and no, I'm so not kidding).

I opened the front door to let Chance go out front to go pee. (He will go right out and pee and I can see that he did, in fact, go potty...because if I let him out back, he goes alone, and who knows if he actually does his business or not). So i let him out and he TAKES OFF LIKE A ROCKET! And I see that he's running to the street - where there are two other dogs. And all I see are the shadows of two random dogs and Chance won't listen to me and I SCREAM for Mark.

I yell, MARK!!!! And HELP!!!! and he comes running out and he chases Chance down and drags him back up to the house. While I chase the other dogs back to their own yard (after the commotion was over, I realized the dogs belonged to my neighbor).

After I rang the neighbors bell to let them know the dogs were out, and I calmed down...I laughed because it was pretty funny to see Mark running out into the yard in his undies. They weren't white though - they were red. I was laughing when I came back into the house. And I even apologized.

"sorry I made you run outside in your tighty reddies!"


Humor Girl said...

tighty reddies...lol

And don't hate me. I'm sorry. I suck!!! I blogged my excuses. :)

Lindsey said...

Wait, he had to go out in his undies again??

Julie said...

He did this again??


L Sass said...

Still no photos?

Marianne said...

Poor Mark! I wonder if boys realize every one of their actions is blog fodder. Heh.

Horrible Warning said...

I just have to tell you guys...the door thing? She is so not kidding :)