Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Look! I Can Do Videos!

Another lazy post. And a semi-embarrassing one. I wish I could post the other videos but I haven't gotten the releases signed just yet. ha! A few disclaimers:
1) My voice is MUCH LESS (read: totally) screechy when I'm sober
2) Yes, I really am trying to show you both the slats in the walkway and my shoes. You can't see either of them. Just imagine.
3) and Yes, I really got stuck. And Yes, I'm always this graceful.


alyndabear said...

Ha! I thought you were talking about your SHOES smelling like ass for a while there... we must hang out sometime! Smelly wedges and all!

Jenny said...

Oh my God. After hearing your voice I am now completely in love with you.

Dump your (imaginary) friends and hang out with me exclusively.

For the Love... said...

Too funny!

L Sass said...

HEE! I'm not sure I'll ever be ready to share the slurred mess that is my drunk voice with the Internet. If we meet in person, however, it's a totally different story.

Nicole P. said...

I can't wait to hang out with Drunk Aimee!!

Marianne said...

You are a nut! Heh! I love how hard you're trying to convince us that it smells like ass. I was waiting for you to say "No really! Smell it!"

B. Good said...

Oh Lawd! They done went and gave her more technology!! This blog will never be the same, lol.

*sidenote*: I hate hearing my voice on recordings, lol. Hate it! So chances of me doing something like this are quite slim, hahaha.

Horrible Warning said...

Is that drunken laughter in the background Devann or me? Or maybe it was the guy with pee pants.

I shudder to think of what other video evidence exists of that night. Liquor + video = Tracy's head on her desk.

Julie said...

Oh man.

I don't have speakers on my work I just got to listen to this at home.

How did your wedges get stuck in there???


Lindsey said...

I love embarassing videos...although that wasn't too embarassing! I also love hearing people's voices!! YAY for voices!!! You sound so cute and I love how everything smells like ass. That is something I would say!