Thursday, September 6, 2007

It's Ladies Night - Minus John Lovitz

I know. I've got two Wedding Singer references in the last two days. woot!

I'm going to have a girl's weekend this weekend. Mark is going to be at a bachelor party, so I figure it's a good time to catch up with some of my girlfriends. (besides, we've been trying to plan something for ages but we're all so busy).

Friday night is bunco, and afterward we've decided we're going to go out dancing. This just means that there will be a seedy bar. (My favorite seedy bar actually). And perhaps some other random bar hopping depending on how long it takes us to get from "bunco" to "pretty enough to be seen in public" This may involve removing pizza stains from our clothing. But let's not think about that, okay?

On Saturday, I've made plans with J to have lunch and do a little shopping. (I'm on the lookout for Coach sunglass and/or a watch). Also, anything cute and on sale.

I also plan to get some much needed sleep and to get some cleaning done. (I may even take some of the donation stuff to the SPCA thrift shop...which will really make Mark happy to have it out of the garage. but don't hold me to that, I may not get around to it.)

I'm looking forward to some girl time, but I'm going to miss my boy. :(

Speaking of my boy...I have another Mark story. I swear you guys, I'm soooo boring. You're lucky I have Mark (I'm lucky too, but duh, we already knew that!) ...but really, if I didn't have Mark this blog would be really boring. (this is also a good reason for him to not have his own blog!)

The other night, I let Chance out of the house and into the front yard to go potty...the neighbors dog was out (ack!) and he had a friend with him (apparently someone else moved in with my neighbors and he also has a dog) So I'm freaking out because 1) I couldn't see who the dogs were and 2) I thought for sure there would be fighting and it wasn't going to be pretty. I screamed and yelled for Mark and then ran outside to grab Chance...only I'm a big chicken so I didn't do much. Poor Mark, he just knew something was wrong - so he came running out....he had been laying in bed ready to go to sleep. So, he ended up running out the front door in his skivvies to get the dog. Luckily, Chance didn't get hurt (neither did the other dogs - but the neighbors weren't thrilled that I was ringing their doorbell at 11 p.m. either)...that made it a funny Mark in his undies story. (I hope I'm supposed to share this one. lol)


L Sass said...


Let's hope that that there aren't any Mark-in-his-skivvies stories from the bachelor party weekend...

Julie said...


I love the word skivvies.

Why don't people use it anymore?

Nicole P. said...

Way to go Mark!

Lindsey said...

Classy, Mark, totally classy!! LMAO At least you know you've got a man ready to spring into action.

The fact that he was in his skivvies kind of makes that sound dirty.