Monday, September 10, 2007

My Friendly Face

As Tracy might say, I can be "TMI Aimee with oversharing super powers"

But, being the new kid on the block (at work), I have been left out of a lot of the conversations. I heard things, but no one said anything to me directly. Which hasn't given me the opportunity to use my skills. Which, has made it easier for me to stick to my decision to not overshare. lol Not that I'm talking about things that are inappropriately overshared, but it really isn't necessary to reveal too much about your personal life, at work. I'm sticking to the basics.

Two of my closest "work" friends (that I don't really work with - but that I see for lunches and whatnot) are LOUD. And they talk A LOT. So, while I can be loud and talky, I'm no match for them. I think it's teaching me a lot about myself and what characteristics I don't want to nurture in myself.

Apparently, I'm easy to talk to. Or I look friendly. Or I'm so out of touch that people share stuff with me because, frankly, I don't know anyone else to blab it to. haha! (that is pretty much what Mark's friend's wife and I decided about the stuff she tells me - we don't know the same people, so it's okay for her to talk sh*t to me about her friends. good times.) Twice in the last, um, 24 hours I have had visitors to my office who have told me about their sorted personal lives.
Both of them have "baby daddies" that they told me about. I learned a lot about their drama (which really validates my decision to not date men with kids). Both of these women are very nice and one of them has all the drama in the past, so she's totally learned from her experiences. The other is young and will probably make at least 3 more attempts at working things out with her drama-daddy.

It's nice that they can talk to me. And I'm not bitching about them telling me things that I probably wouldn't share if I had that kind of drama to share. lol It's just an observation. I guess that means I've been initiated, right? Does it help if I got my official invite to sit with the group that plays card in the conference room during lunch. That's almost like being a plastic!


L Sass said...

Dude, screw the card players. Keep eating with the Baby Mama's so that you can fill us in on the world of DRAMA.

My life is boring, please, I need this.

slinger said...

Yeah, who doesnt like drama, especially when it is about people you dont even know?

alyndabear said...

You're a plastic! *is in awe*

But I can't say I'm surprised, because I've always found you easy to talk to. :)

B. Good said...

Man! I have super-overshare powers too. My old roomie spilled his heart out to me the other week, and I only asked how the job was goin. Poor guy!

Anyways, lol, yeah, you have that friendly, can keep a secret look about you. Little do they know, you blab it all to us in your blog!


Lindsey said...

I also find that people will go out of their way to tell me their life stories. I'm glad I am not alone on this...beacuase seriously, it weirds me out sometimes. I'm talking total strangers will totally tell me TMI about their lives. What is it about us?