Thursday, October 18, 2007


I am not a big fan of suspense. I like it for a bit, but I need closure. I can't NOT know what happens. If I'm privvy to something, I need to know the outcome. Some call this nosey. I call it being thorough.

Last night after work my boss, a coworker, and two other friends met up for dinner and a play. We saw "A Skull in Connemara." The theater was tiny so we were right in the action, which was awesome. however, this particular play does not have closure. There is much speculation and frankly there were good arguments for both sides of the story that I have no idea if the main character was guilty of what the the towns people were saying. and, people, i NEED to know.

And apparently, the play was written this way. There is no ending. I heard that it is part of a trilogy...but the other two plays in the trilogy are set in the same town, but do not have the same story line! So i will NEVER know. How sucky is that?

Shall I write the author of the play and have him write me an ending? I may stay awake worrying about this for at least another day or two.


In other news, I had to stay up for two hours watching Ghost Hunters last night. (read: HAD TO) and now we're planning the haunted tour of the governor's mansion for next weekend. (I wish we had gotten tickets to the event at the old city cemetery, but they sold out too quickly. I'm going to put in my reservation for next year NOW). Also, next year, they are planning to do the haunted tours of old town where they will be taking us underground! (our old town was built on top of the original town because the original town used to flood).

I love October.


Julie said...

What what was in that last paragraph???

Your town is built on top of the old one?? All like ancient burial ground like?

:) lol

L Sass said...


I am so glad I didn't go see it. Stupid "artists" and their "ambiguity." I'm over it.

Craze said...

That would drive me nuts, I hate not having clear, final endings!

Ohhh! I love Ghost Hunters!

Anonymous said...


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