Friday, October 19, 2007

Video File Friday

Saw this video on Bitchypoo's blog (online journal, excuse me) and I had to share. Because this is Salem. TO THE T. He definitely does the patting of the face thing. I love that he purs and starts kneading whenever the guy moves a little. hehe.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!


slinger said...

I am not a hug fan of cats, because as you see in this, they are SNEAKY! but this had me laughing my ass off! We had a cat growing up and it did the same things.

Horrible Warning said...

Oh holy hell, that it TOTALLY Lizzy. The only thing that is missing is her hopping into the window and rattling the blinds to piss me off.

BTW, that has never gotten her pets, but she keeps on trying. She is intrepid like that.

Really glad at this moment that she is absent opposable thumbs.

B. Good said...

OMG, that's SO my mom's cat Aaron. I gotta send this to her, lol.