Thursday, October 4, 2007

Don't Go Outside!

So there might actually be more than one reason that I won't venture outside, particularly after dark. It's not just the praying mantis. (ha!)

It's because of TV. (I know, I'm a dork!) I LOVE watching Ghost Hunters. LOVE! And when an episode (like one last night) is really creepy - I run around shivering and waving my arms going, "aaaaaah creepy!!" So then, when it's time for bed, and I need to do my nightly ritual of taking Chance out to potty and checking the garage side door to make sure it's locked...I freak out and ask Mark to do it. (this may be another occassion where the neighbors might get to see his tighty reddies).

Last night was an AWESOME episode. Oh, I said that already. A lady thought that the ghost of an old employee might have been still in the building. So TAPS focused on contacting that employee. They would sit and say something like, "We're not here to hurt you. Debbie wants to make contact with you...if you would like to let her know that you are here, please say something...this recorder will get it on tape.." etc etc. So then they said, "Jean, do something to let us know you're here"

Later, when they went over the audio - they heard three things that were recorded between them speaking.

1) "Don't be afraid of me"
2) "There is no Jean here"
3) "Please just leave US alone"


Seriously people, it was clear as day! And it was a man's voice. Or a growly scary sounding voice. It was at this point that I'm running around the living room freaking out and telling anyone who will listen (read: mom, Mark, Chance...) about how creepy this thing is. (My mom is too much of a chicken to watch the show, but she likes me to tell her about it).

But yeah, last night was one of those nights where I was NOT going outside. (not like ghosts can't get through walls, but whatever...this is not a rational fear, people!)

So my questions to you are: 1) do you believe in the paranormal and to what extent? and 2) have you had a paranormal experience?

And I officially declare it to be Scary Halloween month here at Old Guys Dig Me! (stories about black cats count too!) :P


Nicole P. said...

Damn it!! I missed the last half (the good half) of the episode because we had to go into town to eat dinner (I seriously contemplated skipping dinner for this).

They better replay that episode so I can see it! I love that show so much even though I HATE scary things.

An old guy that digs her! said...

I do not believe in the paranormal

and i've barely had a pair-a-normal experiences.

life where old guys dig her is rarely from normal.

Julie said...

Um. Okay.
Scary things scare the shit out of me.
But I also watch Ghost Hunters... although not regularly like you and Nicole, bc if I did I would never get any sleep!!

I hate hate scary movies... eventhough I know they're fake.

And yes, I have seen my great-grandmother's ghost in my grandmother's house and my grandfather comes to me in dreams every once in awhile.

PS my word verfication is "drunk" lol

alyndabear said...

When we were in New Zealand on holidays I watched one of those Ghost Hunter shows and subsequently didn't sleep the ENTIRE night. *freak*

I'm a wimp, but I watch them anyway and pay the price! (And yes, I believe.)

Marianne said...

I've personally never had a 100% experience, but once thought I had a paranormal experience. However, several members on both sides of my family have claimed to have had ghostly experiences.

Scary stuff scares me. But I'm scarily fascinated. :)

(Black AND WHITE cats rule!)

Angela said...

That stuff freaks me out, even though I don't think I really beieve in the paranormal. I'm kind of a skeptic by nature, although I might just be in denial, because why else would I stay up all night being scared about it after I watch shows like that?

Lindsey said...

I am going to have to watch this show--I love stuff like that! I think I believe in that stuff. I'm not 100% sure, but I'm like 99% sure that paranormal stuff exists. I mean, we just can't explain everything!!!

*~*Cece*~* said...

BITCH! You scared me! lol Reading your post gave me chills. lol

Yup, I believe! I believe! I've had a couple of experiences. One when I was a kid after my aunt died. My dad said I was sitting up, in my sleep, talking to my aunt in Spanish. I don't speak Spanish.

Then the last time we had ghosts in our house for just over a month. My great grandma & my uncle's partner both died within days of each other. I didn't get to say good bye to either of them and they came to us. They were in our house for a bit. We'd hear stuff move in the kitch. Mister saw something in the hall way once. And they were flushing our toilet at night, too! lol *I've got chills up & down my body right now* But after I acknowledged them and spoke to them each night they finally went on. After I realized it was them I wasn't afraid...too much. lol

L Sass said...

I don't really believe in the paranormal stuff, but I love dorky shows like that!!

Heh. I love your dorkiness, Aimee!

Jenny said...

My God, you're my friend.

I NEVER miss an episode of Ghost Hunters. I even watched the live episode with that punk wrestler guy. (What was up with that?)

I totally believe in the paranormal and I've had several (small) experiences.

PS. Do you watch Most Haunted on the travel channel? Next best thing to Ghost Hunters.

Sugee Andersyn said...

That stuff is way scary. I only watch when my fiance is here and he likes to watch with the lights out and I whine for them to be on. :(