Sunday, October 28, 2007

My First Trip to the Vet

My First Trip to the Vet
by Jack-o-Lantern

On Saturday, the nice lady that feeds me decided to try something different. First, she warned me. As she left in the morning she said, "I'll be back at 11 - please be here" I obliged. When she got back she was in a hurry so I went from glorious freedom to being put in a tiny jail. The only good part was that there was a towel in my cell and I was able to burrow into it and hide my face. I decided I'd rather do that and then look up and give her a pitiful look every once in awhile. I did save her sanity by not meowing all the way there - it's the least I can do considering she's been feeding me.

We had to wait FOREVER in a small room that everyone kept calling "the vet." I got a little antsy, and the lady had to chase me all over the room. I especially liked knocking the books down on the windowsill so I could look out the window. Scaling the side of the computer was also a plus.

After about forty five minutes the vet came in and she started poking at me. She rubbed my tummy and my ears and said "oh he's soooooo pretty!" over and over again. And then she looked in my ears. They were icky, but she said she didn't see any mites. But since I had flea dirt (ew!) they were going to give me Revolution anyway - which would get rid of mites if I did have them. Either way, if it got her to stop sticking that thing in my ears, then I'm all for it.

Then two mean people came in to do a test. They held me down and took my blood! and I FREAKED the hell out! That was NOT FUN. (what was the lady thinking?!) After that they said I was Leukemia and FIV negative and then they gave me two shots. With needles! and poke some pills in my beak.

I think they might have been sleeping pills because I fell asleep after that. I even slept through a trip to Petco! I woke up feeling a little dizzy because I was sleeping on my face the whole time. The lady said I looked awfully cute though.

All in all, I don't think I want to do this "vet" thing EVER EVER again.

The End!


Because Jack was given a clean bill of health (and revolution and dewormer) he was able to come in the house. There has been minimal incident ...but there has been some general crankiness.

(Clyde hissed at Jack and Jack fell over - I have the feeling that's a very good thing and Clyde can't feel threatened by him for too long if he continues to cooperate. ha!)

Look how fun snack time is when you're all together! And look how suspicious everyone looks!
I think Clyde will get along with Jack seeing as they are both neat freaks.


Nicole P. said...

Yay! This post was too funny written from him point of view. I'm glad he passed inspection to earn house privileges.

L Sass said...

To me, the snack time photo is a little creepy some how. They look like the hungry hungry hippos board game!

B. Good said...

Aww, yay Jack! I like the way you wrote the post, that was so cute. And look at your colorful kitties! Are we workin on a rainbow of cats? LOL

He seems to fit right in with the fam.

Julie said...

This is sucha good post...

Eventhough I am not a cat person... but I like jack.

*~*Cece*~* said...

He is so pretty! Cute post!

Marianne said...

He looks pretty comfortable in his new home, Aimee. I'm glad you and Mark decided to keep him. :) I wonder what sort of tales he and New Cat would tell about their days on the street. YO!

Carrie said...

Yay for a new kitty! He is so cute. He looks like Bo-Bo! I got worried that something happened to Salem. Thank goodness. Yay to another family member.

Michelle said...

ooo you have the cutest kitties!! :)