Friday, November 2, 2007


So, even due to my lack of posting I still considered signing up for Nablopomo. I even made it as far as the website but I couldn't read the verification image so I was going to wait and sign up at home. And then I forgot. And now, it's the 2nd, and frankly, I don't feel like setting myself up for more failure.

Maybe I'll try to post for 29 days straight instead of 30. Maybe I'll say twice a week, and then you won't be disappointed (ha!) when I am too busy (read: forget because What Not To Wear or Ghost Hunters is on).

Is is wrong that I'm tempted to take advantage of the after Halloween candy sales and possibly save the candy for next year? I suppose it's better than using last year's candy canes. (did I tell you that story already?!)


Viviane said...

Haha, I did sign up for NaBloPoMo, it's my first time, so let's see how I will do.
Regarding your candy question: some candy does get old and icky after storing it too long (like chocolate) and I would probably not want to give out bad candy to little (and big) kids but the kind that is good for a longer time, sure why not.

LaLa said...

Dude, you made the right decision. Day five and I am on struggle street.

Julie said...

Last years candy canes is one thing... but saving halloween candy...

that's just wrong.

Lindsey said...

Damn girl, all the cool kids are doing NaBloPloMo. Actually, you are probably the smart one for NOT doing it.

Also, I may or may not have gotten a card in the mail from the coolest blogger out there! :-) You know the weird thing, the day before I was thinking about you and how I haven't talked to you in ages and I thought to myself, I should send her a note in the mail. Then you beat me to it in a very psychic way. I was like, "shut up!!" XOXO

L Sass said...

I'm thinking that Halloween candy has enough preservatives in it to save. Of course, I would end up raiding the stash by November 30th, so I could never do that!

alyndabear said...

There's always next year, lovely lady!

*~*Cece*~* said...

Ok, so let me tell you about left over candy, ok? Halloween is in October, right? Right. My little one has her birthday in April. That's, what? Six months in between? Yes. Remember, ok.

One year we were putting together candy treat bags to hand out at her bday party. Guess I didn't buy enough candy & of course we waited til like midnight to put the bags together. Know what that means? We were scrounging around the house to find more candy.

Well,Mister spots the candy jar on top of the fridge and suggests we just dump that in & mix it w/what we have left. By this time we've already eaten all the good chocolate & all that's left is the crappy stuff so why not!

The day of the party my cousin is going through her loot bag & we hear HEY! I got left over Halloween candy! LMAO Dude, we didn't pick out the shit that had orange/black/pumpkin wrappers on it! We were SO busted.


Anonymous said...

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