Sunday, October 21, 2007


We met up with our friends E&J today to go to the pumpkin patch. Normally we would have headed out to Apple Hill, but it was a madhouse last weekend and we didn't want to chance it. Knocking down small children doesn't make for a very festive day, you know.

We started out with a really yummie breakfast and then headed to where the famed pumpkin cannon resided. Unfortunately, they didn't actually set it off while we were there. We did find the "giant pumpkin" patch.
But we opted for more sensible choices.

All in all, it was a nice day.
even if my boyfriend doesn't want to be in pictures with me. Sucka!


Also, we have a little friend who has taken residence on our porch. For the last couple of weeks, every time I've gone outside after dark, a small orange creature goes TEARING off the porch and disappears. (no, this isn't related to ghost hunters) On Saturday, he got tired of running. And he hid in the bushes. Mark and I were able to lure him out. (kibble helps) By the end of the evening he was following me into the garage (and checking out the laundry) and meowing at both the front and back doors. He's small - a kitten still and thin, but not like stray-skinny. Just petite. and also, a boy. with boy parts. (I'm tempted to get him fixed even if we don't end up making him our pet).

I'm afraid he might belong to the crackhead lady that lives behind us - only the rest of her cats aren't visiting and eating food. (oh, and now the kitty has a name - Jack - you know, like a pumpkin? Jack-o-lantern? because he's orange? Not that he's our cat or anything). By the end of the evening yesterday he had a pillow bed, toys, and a dish with food and water. hehe. But he's sooo not our cat. Oh, but yeah, the crackhead...she's the one who claimed that Clyde was the father of her cat's kittens. And I was like, "oh hell no lady, this isn't maury!" and then like a week later she came over and asked my roommate if we had stolen one of her kittens. She might be a wack job. But anywhere. Here's what you really want.


Of the cat that isn't ours.



Julie said...

OOOhh he is cute.
And I don't even like cats.

Marianne said...

OHHH! He's so curte! Look at that long tail, though. He's going to be a big guy. I'll take him.

And also? The faces Mark is making in those pictures? Priceless.

Last, your hair is so pretty!

Marianne said...

um... CUTE ... that's what I meant.

*~*Cece*~* said...

Oh the cat that isn't yours is soooooo cute! I love the name, too. Ya should've named him Punk. As in Punkin. ;-)

L Sass said...

Poor kitty... he wants to live at your house!

Also, personally, I find knocking over small children to be incredibly festive. That's what we do at the Sass family Thanksgiving!

Freckle Face Girl said...

Great pumpkin pictures! Looks like fun.

Was the crack lady trying to get kitty support from you? This might end up in court with paternity testing. :)

B. Good said...

Oooo, an orange kitty for Halloween! Its kismet. He's so cute!

"By the end of the evening yesterday he had a pillow bed, toys, and a dish with food and water. hehe. But he's sooo not our cat."

I love it! LOL

Isabel said...

Furry orange kitties and huge orange pumpkins. Awesome!

LaLa said...

Pumpkins... yuuum.

I love EATING pumpkin.

I could EAT that really big pumpkin.

Sugee Andersyn said...

lol he's all getting his picture taken hehe

Anonymous said...

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