Sunday, November 25, 2007

Long Time No See!

Hi Gang! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! Are you still here with me?

I had a nice long weekend. We got to go home a little early on Wednesday, right after my boss gave me my evaluation, which was awesome. (go me!) I didn't have to cook on Thursday, but I was supposed to make the pies. Mom was going to make pear, and I was going to make pumpkin. Mom ended up making both because for some reason I was a disaster in the kitchen that night. It was quite tragic really. My mom even made the extra pumpkin pie that I was making for my dad too.

Mom, Mark, and I went to Mark's parents' for dinner. As usual Mark's mom made too much food - but everything was so good. We had tons of leftovers and yes, we're still eating them. (how many ways can YOU use leftover turkey?) We also loaded up the truck with firewood. Which, Yeah! except for the part where the truck had to also be unloaded and then the wood had to be stacked. Let's just say that our pallet of wood looks more like a pyramid than a square, but whatever. It will keep us warm all winter and probably still be enough for campfires all summer.

On Friday, mom and I braved the lines at Kohls and went shopping. I got Mark a really nice button up shirt in a burgundy/red color. LOVE. (and it will match one of the shirts that I may potentially wear to the holiday party next weekend) I also bought cute sunglasses, and I may have made a deal with a woman to save me a place in line. (she dropped a t-shirt several aisles I agreed to go get it for her if she saved me a place in line...I ended up getting cuts and only waiting 1/2 the time i might have if i stayed in the line I was in originally. go me!)

We also braved the mall and Mervyns (twice!) and Target. I met Mark for lunch and shopped a little more. We did that unload the truck/stack the wood thing and visited his grandparents. Then we went out for appetizers and drinks. That was nice. (a great change from turkey!) Plus, it was half price. yeah!

On Saturday, we spent the day 4 wheeling. I was very scared at first - but eventually warmed up to it a little. I even drove the truck a bit - but not on any big hills. I put on a brave face when our friend took a picture of us going up one steep hill the second time (the first time I had my eyes squished closed and a death grip on the oh shit! handle - I may have had a discussion that ended with "well, if you're going to die I may as well go too so we can die together" Thankfully we lived! And we got to eat hot dogs and hang out with new people. So that was cool. (hopefully I'll have some pics later in the week...all the pics I took were of the other people)

Today I went shopping (again!) and then went to J's to discuss our holiday cooking baking strategy. We picked out some really good recipes and made some chocolate chocolate chippy type cookies that are so rich and yet SO TASTY. I have made a list of cookie baking instruments that I require now....because even though I don't bake a ton - I love kitchen gadgets. I fell in love with the little ice cream/cookie dough scoopy things. Too cute! And so much easier than a spoon and your finger! (and less tempting too!)

Also! Remember when I mentioned the shirt that matches Mark's shirt that I might wear to the holiday party? I can't decide what to wear. I have it narrowed down to two outfits. One, I like better, but I just bought the shirt at a store that is very popular amongst Mark's I'm afraid that I might end up wearing something that someone else is wearing. The other isn't as matchy matchy (which I really like matchy) but it's pretty. I just like the other one better. I think. Sooooo Internets, since you did so well picking out the outfit that I wore to the Mountain Dew themed wedding....I'm going to let you choose again. Tomorrow I will post the two outfits. You'll have till Friday to tell me what you think.

What would I do without you guys?!


LaLa said...

"What would I do without you guys?!"

Be nekkid?

Happy Thanksgiving!

alyndabear said...


I can't wait to see the oufits.

You are brave for driving the truck!

Marianne said...

I love when we get to play "Dress Me Aimee!" It's so fun.

And also --- about the comment you left me: I'm so sorry about your toothache. :(

L Sass said...

If we are part of your gang, can we pick, like an official color bandanna and a gang sign? You know that gang members like being matchy-matchy!

Nicole P. said...

Sorry I haven't been around...I tried to go to your blog twice on my mom's computer over Thanksgiving and it crashed her internet each time.

Congrats on the shopping deals! You are a braver woman than I.

Julie said...

Can we plllleaaase have gang colors and signs????


*~*Cece*~* said...

OMG I think we're sisters!

First, you went out Black Friday shopping like I did! You even sound HAPPY & EXCITED about it! Eeek!

Second, you love kitchen gadgets like I do. *can you hear the Angel's sing?*

Finally, you blogged about discount food & booze. Yup. You are my sister!