Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Vote - Also The Delay

Please excuset his interruption of our regularly scheduled program.

Last night, Emily came over to check out the outfits running for the title of "what Aimee wore to the holiday party." We also took photos so that I could get the innernet's opinion. Later, when I looked at the pictures to post them, I immediately had a breakdown that included repeating the following phrases.

"both outfits are cute - just not on me" and
"I will have to choose the one that actually makes me look like a have a neck"

So, yeah. It was not fun. And I shut down the laptop and went to bed. This morning, I put on a really cute outfit (I've never put these pieces together before, but the effect is cute!) (I would probably not be as thrilled if I saw a picture of me in it though - so I'll just believe my very deceiving skinny-fying mirror instead) So, I decided to bring the camera to work and upload the pictures here. Yeah, my work computer does not like new hardware. Bastard.

So I'll have to post them tonight instead. But, in the meantime, please enjoy these not so helpful beauty tips.

DO NOT (I repeat) DO NOT use baby oil GEL. See, the weather is getting windy and dry and cold and my skin is getting dry (and cold!) So I thought to myself, "Self, I need to get some baby oil for after the shower." I went to Target and was going to put the regular baby oil in the cart when I noticed the baby oil GEL instead. So I thought I was being clever by avoiding the inevitable baby oil drip that makes the shower so slippery that someone (probably Mark) is bound to fall and hurt something. So I opted for the gel. Which really meant I opted to be a sticky mess the first time I used it. Sad.

Another product gone wrong.

Emily gave me a great tip for a product that I love. It's in the ethnic hair care section and its called something shine and it comes in a little crack vial. (really) It's a liquid that kind of seperates out into two (like Mary Kay eye makeup remover) and so you shake it before you put it on. So the proper way to use this product (as a pastey white girl) is to wet your hair, put the liquid in your hair, wrap your hair in a shower cap and sleep with it in your hair overnight. The next morning you wash and condition as usual and your hair is SUPER SHINY for a couple weeks. (seriously - and it's the only product that comes in a crack vial - besides Crack, which you can't get on the shelf at Walmart - AND it's only like $1.50)

So I went to Walmart to get the crack and they were out of it. BUT they had a packet of what was more like a conditioner consistency from the same brand. So I'm thinking, Hey! I can just use that in the shower for deep conditioning. NO! DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME. My hair, also a sticky mess. It took three days of normal wash and condition to get it to feel normal again - it was shiny though. But definitely NOT worth it.

And please don't get me started on the egg hair rinse that went terribly wrong when I used too hot of water and the egg started to cook in my hair.

Please share your beauty woes. It will make me feel prettier.


L Sass said...

I sort of wish I had dry skin... my skin still thinks I'm 14 and raging with hormones!

I need to try this hair crack...

Julie said...

How about do not let someone that works out of their house dye your hair because it''s cheaper than going to a professional??

I learned that one from Nicole.