Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holy Cookies!

Yesterday, while I was waiting for Mark to get home from washing his truck (a job that i knew would take awhile considering the amount of mud that i'm still cleaning out of my ears), I decide to make A BATCH of cookies. I had several recipes out over the weekend that I wanted to make, but I couldn't decide which one.

So, I prepared the dough for these cookies that you layer the two flavors of dough into a loaf pan and then chill it for a couple hours and then slice and bake (they are CUTE) and they are milk chocolate and butterscotch. (uh, yum!)

And then Mark got home and made dinner (yeah Mark!) and I got a wild hair and decided to keep making cookies. I made a batch of snickerdoodles (which is like 40000 cookies, I think) and then we (mom and I) made a frillion peppermint stick spritz. And finally I baked the choco butterscotch ones. So, I made about 100 cookies last night. I froze about 2/3 of them. So now I have those three and some peanut butter surprises in the freezer ready for xmas. (and about 4 other recipes to make still)


Did anyone else check out "Paranormal State" last night? OMG, SCARY! LOVED It!


Nicole P. said...

You have my address. I can take some of those cookies off your hands for you!!

L Sass said...

Do you still have any extra cookies after sending some to Nicole??? I need some deliciousness!!

Lindsey said...

I was thinking of making some cookies tonight. It dawned on my that I hadn't made any yet. Shame on me!